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Want to Hit Quota? Easy Does It – The Winter ‘22 Product Release

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October 11, 2021
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Sales Enablement

If you can make selling easier and sales tech simpler to use, why wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what we had in mind with our latest round of updates, all designed to make your customer relationship management (CRM) system more user-friendly without sacrificing power or functionality.

That’s a tall order for most sales enablement platforms…but we’re not most. 

Here are the upgrades in the Prolifiq Winter ’22 Product Release that give you the power of account-based selling, relationship mapping, and digital content management without breaking a sweat.

Prolifiq CRUSH

Sales organizations that aren’t taking advantage of account-based selling are missing out on a secret weapon. But a lot of platforms overcomplicate the process. 

In this update, we continue our tradition of streamlining our flagship account-based selling suite, CRUSH, by helping you incorporate automation without the hassle.

You’ll be able to:

  • Bring Opportunities into Account Plans through a smart filter on the parent and/or child account and see child Accounts – something that isn’t currently offered through Salesforce
  • Sort, filter, make, and track multiple Opportunity lists
  • Pull in any Salesforce records and objects to free form and automated Cross-Sell Maps and build your own cross-sell report 

Automation helps you speed up your sales cycle and use your customer data more efficiently. It takes what could be a complicated process and makes it something any Salesforce user can do. Doesn’t get much better than that (until our next update, that is).


If you want to find decision-makers in any account, you need to know who to talk to. In this update, the industry’s easiest way to navigate an account just got easier.

RELATIONSHIP MAP now lets you find and organize key info about contacts in a more compact and direct way, making use of the Maps feature.

You’ll be able to:

  • Mark cards on the Map with unique badges that help you easily visualize different types of contacts outside of hierarchy and influence
  • Configure settings for which Maps use which badges
  • Add Lead cards for potential sales directly to the Map, in addition to Users and Contacts
  • Replace Lead cards with contact cards as your potential customer becomes an actual one

These features are especially important because they do something other apps don’t: keep your invaluable contact data consistent and accessible throughout the entire customer journey. 

Prolifiq ACE

Finally, content management is becoming more essential, but as usage grows, so do issues with compliance.

(It’s no coincidence that “compliance” and “complicated” both start with the same six letters.)

Our digital content management solution, ACE, makes the whole process less of a chore and more of an asset.

This update will allow you to:

  • Use a new workflow in the Management View that helps you control which pieces of content are uploaded
  • Make users Approvers, with permission to approve items before they’re available and usable
  • Ensure content doesn’t go out until it’s fully approved by stakeholders, making Salesforce more compliant than ever

Keep customers engaged and informed without investing more time and resources. What’s not to like? 

If winning were easy, everyone would do it – but that doesn’t mean winning can’t be easier

With these Winter ’22 product release updates, Salesforce users can leverage their investment without more toil and trouble – and sell with confidence, not complication.

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Posted On
October 11, 2021
Resource Type
Sales Enablement