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Top Lessons Sales Reps Can’t Ignore

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November 29, 2021
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Relationship Mapping
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Sales professionals need two things: easy-to-use sales tools and the knowledge and experience to succeed at their job, no matter what surprises an account throws their way.

Tools you can buy, but experience and fast thinking on your feet is something that comes with time – and sometimes that means learning the hard way. If you’re lucky, more experienced sellers are willing to sit down and share their own lessons with you, letting you win more deals by learning from their losses.

Luckily for you, Prolifiq’s own Eddie Hanson (President) and Jack Gallo (VP of Sales) recently sat down with JB Sales’ incomparable Morgan J. Ingram to share crucial lessons they’ve learned over the years, from saving a deal before it goes south to beating a blocker at his or her own game.

Are you ready to skip ahead a few years in sales experience by spending less than a half-hour of your time hearing from these top sellers? We got you covered.

4 Lessons Every Seller Needs to Hear

Here are four proven lessons you can incorporate into your own sales game today.

How to Prevent a Deal From Going South

As salespeople, we’ve all been in a situation where everything is going great with a deal…before things start slipping. Before you know it, the deal is heading south, and not in a good, “Let’s take a vacation to Cabo” kind of way.

Listen to Eddie and Jack share what they think contributes more than anything to deals fading away – like skipping key steps in your sales process – and how you can use one essential part of the sales process to avoid the slide.

How to Use Relationship Mapping to Navigate Blockers and Find Champions

While it may sound like a cliche, sales really is all about relationships – especially the relationships that your contacts within an account have with each other.

To find supporters and champions (the people you want on your side) and avoid the blockers who will get in the way, have a relationship mapping session with your prospect. As Eddie explains, here’s one question you can try: “If we were sitting at a boardroom going around the table and talking about each person who has a say in the decision, which of these people would be neutral?”

Check this clip for the two key follow-ups to Eddie’s question that could help you quickly identify the right people to build your case.

How to Beat Blockers at Their Own Game

In football, blockers are a good thing. Where would Tom Brady and Derrick Henry be without them? But in sales, they’re the opposite: instead of leading you to the endzone, they stall your drive and drag out the sales process.

As the panel explains, getting around blockers is all about understanding their challenges and priorities. And once you understand that, figure out how you can use it to your advantage to find the right people to talk to – the people who will help you score, not keep you on the bench.

Don’t Invest Too Much Time on One Stakeholder

During the course of a typical deal, you’ll talk to a lot of people. That includes a stakeholder group with easily a dozen or more individuals for larger opportunities. More can be merrier…if you can manage your time well.

Here, the panel talks about how important it is to invest your time wisely. This often means not communicating with or focusing on just one stakeholder to the detriment of the deal. Check the clip for how to be efficient with your resources and still cover all your bases.

If you’re ready to put all this knowledge into action and take advantage of our powerful account planning and relationship mapping app our team mentioned in the webinar – appropriately-named RELATIONSHIP MAP – take a quick test drive over at the Salesforce AppExchange.

Posted On
November 29, 2021
Resource Type
Relationship Mapping