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The New Normal: Tips For Working Remotely

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April 13, 2020
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Sales Enablement

Working from home was been kind of fun, at first. But as time marches on and we settle into working remotely, it’s easier to get distracted or feel stuck. Not just stuck at home, but mentally stuck too. 

Work and personal life have merged, days run together, and everything can seem like a blur. How can we stay focused and happy in the new normal?

We decided to ask the people we work with the most. Straight from our team to you, here are the best WFH tips that have been helping us.

Tips for Working Remotely

  • Mimic your morning routine as much as possible – get in the car, drive to get coffee, come home and get to work. – David, Sales
  • Get rid of stuff you don’t need – join a BuyNothing group and give it away or put it on eBay. Marie Kondo your home office, then the rest of your home. Clear your head and your house! – Jesse, Tech
  • Set limits on media consumption. And don’t send private chats in Zoom that you wouldn’t want others to see – anyone who downloads the meeting afterward receives all messages sent. – Lauren, Marketing
  • Check on your more vulnerable neighbors to see if they could use assistance with supplies. – Jeff, Tech
  • Check out the app, Wakeout, for 30-second exercises you can do with stuff around your house! – Emma, Sales 
  • Try wearing your shoes while you work. Keep temperatures low so you stay awake and alert. Don’t forget to bathe, ya filthy animal. – Sean, Sales
  • Meditate using the app Insight Timer and eat healthy meals. – Raluca, Sales
  • Have a favorite Spotify playlist on in the background. For me, it’s College Dropout on repeat. – Andrew, Sales
  • Your spouse is even more correct than ever. – Tuan, Accounting
  • Call your 
    Relatives to make sure they 
    Understand the importance of 
    Staying at home to 
    Help flatten the curve! 
    – Justin, Tech
  • Get fresh air twice a day, no exceptions. Keep your mind clear and re-focus! Also, stand for as many meetings as you can. For some reason, we stand less when we are at home versus work. – Emily, Customer Success
  • Video chat your teammates to get a sense of normalcy. – Alan, Sales
  • For pet parents, give them some extra attention every morning. – Dai, Tech
  • Try to give yourself a cut-off time to end your day by to prevent burn out. – Natalie, Marketing
  • Lock your Zoom meeting after all attendees have joined and make sure you vet who has joined. I’ve had some Zoom bombers join my call! Also, change rooms if possible to adjust the scenery. – Mike, Sales
  • Make checklists at the beginning of the day and cross things out as you complete them. It helps you feel accomplished. – Jack, Sales

What other tips have helped you adapt to working remotely? Let us know!

Posted On
April 13, 2020
Resource Type
Sales Enablement