Prolifiq’s Summer ’22 Release

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July 8, 2021
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post-release update

Based on how hot it is outside right now, summer is definitely here – but it’s not the only thing heating up.

We recently launched our Summer ‘22 Updates, one of three that we do each year to ensure a seamless experience for our Salesforce customers. These updates coincide with Salesforce’s own releases.

If Salesforce is your CRM of choice (great decision, by the way), and you’re looking for ways to power it up with account-based selling, we have all the bells and whistles. Our apps within Salesforce help you sell faster and more efficiently. Learning what the summer update delivers is a great place to start.

Managing a Sales Team Gets a Lot Easier with Prolifiq CRUSH

When it comes to key account management, there really isn’t an I in “sales team.” You need all hands on deck. However, managing all the moving pieces can be cumbersome and inefficient.

In the Prolifiq Summer ‘21 release, we’ve given customers an easier way to keep the machine moving smoothly.

For CRUSH – our key account management app – we’ve rolled out an “account teams” feature. This ability lets you use account teams to manage who can see what within a target account, giving you better visibility and coordination. In key account management, coordination across teams is crucial. 

Using account teams to carry out your strategy is a highly effective tactic – and it’s completely native, which means no messy third-party integrations.

Another part of managing sales teams is measuring and tracking data – but not all tasks can be quantified. Unlike other options in the market, we’ve enabled you to add non-numerical values as well. With a task, you may not have numerical values attached. That doesn’t mean you can’t track them and factor them into your key account plan

Finally, the CROSS-SELL component of CRUSH lets you explore white space within a target account and find gaps in service that you can sell into to expand your footprint. We’ve upgraded CROSS-SELL by giving the user the ability to create custom record types and objects within the cross-sell map. With this higher degree of customization, you can leverage anything

Strengthening the Relationship in CRM with RELATIONSHIP MAP Updates

Using Salesforce gives you an unparalleled ability to store data about contacts in your potential customers. 

But just staring at an org chart doesn’t tell you how to move seamlessly through the complicated web of relationships in an organization to avoid blockers, find supporters, leverage champions, and get to decision-makers and key stakeholders.

RELATIONSHIP MAP is our solution that brings the org chart to life, putting a practical context to your contact data. The app upgrade in the release makes it so that you have a faster way to find and organize vital account relationships via a new search box. You now have more control over how you want to display your relationships in the map, and you have the ability to create tasks for any contact without leaving the map.

You can also add Salesforce users to the relationship map just like contacts. This means you can see where and how your team members are involved with your prospects. 

Finally, you can clone entire maps and all of their content. This makes it tremendously easy to build roadmaps for any purpose and any account.

Here’s what one of our current customers has to say about these changes:

“The new features in the RELATIONSHIP MAP keep adding in essential functionality to help us align with our Key Stakeholders,” said Chris Majoros, Immedia Integrated Technologies. “The ability to quickly create and complete a task without leaving the map is a huge time saver.”

If you’re not using relationship mapping right now, you should be. There’s no better way to speed up your sales cycle than by finding and accessing decision-makers in a flash. We’re biased, but we think RELATIONSHIP MAP is the best way to do it.

Delivering Digital Content with More Responsiveness Than Ever Before

At any given time, your prospects will view a piece of content that impresses and persuades, and it needs to be from you.

That’s the reason we built ACE, our digital content management app. It gives you a faster and easier-to-use system to share content with the right people at the right time. You can use ACE to supplement sales relationships in a responsive manner. This way, when prospects need info, they have it.

Now, you can use ACE to automatically apply tags to content uploads – making it far easier to organize pieces and find them quickly – and view all uploaded files in one chart.

The new Management View window also makes sharing multiple pieces of content easier. It also lets you see who is sharing which pieces of content and when they shared them. The new ability to generate links directly from your favorite and featured lists takes this capability even further.

Digital content is vital. Yet, it’s also vital to have some system to keep it all together and distribute it effectively and intelligently. Digital content management should be in every Salesforce user’s toolbox, and ACE is the perfect app for it.

See the Release In Action

There’s more information jam-packed in this webinar recording. If you’re looking for ways to take Salesforce to the next level, take a check out how these product innovations will speed up your sales cycle. These updates will make your CRM easier to use than ever before – and more powerful, too.

Posted On
July 8, 2021
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