Summer ‘21 Product Release

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June 14, 2021
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summer product release

Sales pros need to move fast. They need shorter sales cycles, more efficient processes, and shortcuts to key stakeholders. 

Every sales organization needs a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can fulfill these needs. At Prolifiq, we’ve built our reputation on building sales enablement platforms that give your CRM ROI faster than before.

Simply put, faster selling needs faster sales tech innovation – and that’s the theme behind the Prolifiq Summer 2021 Product Release.

Here are the upgrades you’ll see in our latest update.

Prolifiq CRUSH

Account-based selling drives more revenue growth for a sales organization than any other sales strategy out there. But when you’re pursuing major accounts, you’re up against stiff competition.

It’s a race to get the biggest deals from the biggest accounts. The quickest car on the road  – CRUSH – just got an engine tune-up to speed up how you find and close new business.

We improved CRUSH usability by adding several features designed to accelerate and enhance the CROSS-SELL function. This lets you capture white space within an account plan before the competition.

New features include:

  • Account team management makes leveraging your entire team faster and easier than anywhere else
  • In the last release, CROSS-SELL maps were updated with the ability to filter by numbers/amounts of customer data; in this release, you can now filter by tasks, opportunities, or other non-quantifiable data as well
  • New types of data you can enter that don’t have to be quantified, such as tasks
  • New upgrades to Relationship Maps (see the RELATIONSHIP MAP section below)

For top-end sales performance that accelerates sales cycles and leverages customer data for a transparent account approach – all within Salesforce – CRUSH is the answer. 


Sales effectiveness is all about getting to key stakeholders quickly, without wasting a lot of time or resources. After all, your decision makers are already doing research without you. The faster you can get to them, the sooner you can involve yourself in their customer journey.

RELATIONSHIP MAP is designed to bring the org chart to life so you can build the most direct path to customer stakeholders who want your solution.

With this update, RELATIONSHIP MAP has been upgraded with new capabilities that let you create, find, and organize vital account relationships in a flash.

New features include:

  • A new search box that highlights search results in the map itself
  • More control over how relationship lines are displayed and drawn
  • Begin emails by clicking a contact’s email address
  • The ability to add your Salesforce users to a map and organize them, just like contacts
  • Clone entire maps and all their content
  • Create tasks for any contact without leaving the map

Take advantage of the latest upgrades to Salesforce’s leading relationship mapping tool and include this key sales process into your sales strategy.

Prolifiq ACE

Relevant content is a powerful tool. It’s your voice when you can’t speak to a potential customer. 

Sometime soon – maybe today – your potential buyers will view a piece of content that impresses and persuades them. It needs to be from you.

However, far too many sales and marketing teams use inefficient content management processes that waste more time than they save. Speed is of the essence.

That’s why we’ve given ACE new features that accelerate content management, including how you view and share content. This means you can send the right pieces to the right people at the right time – and not a moment later.

You can now:

  • Automatically apply tags to uploads
  • View all uploaded files in one chart
  • Use the Management View window to select multiple pieces of content to share or feature, and see who they were shared with when 
  • Generate links directly from your favorite and featured lists for quick URL sharing

ACE already leads the way in adding content management to Salesforce. With these new updates, driving customer engagement through content has never been easier – or faster.

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Posted On
June 14, 2021
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