Summer ‘20 Release – Product Update

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July 20, 2020
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It’s summertime, and the living’s about to get easier with PROLIFIQ’s Summer ‘20 Release. As we learn how the recent tide of change affects the way we all conduct business, more companies are emphasizing remote selling and collaboration with the need to stay agile in their selling strategies.


PROLIFIQ is dedicated to giving customers new innovations in-line with Salesforce’s three releases a year. And this release is focused on helping customers increase engagement and productivity so they can stay ahead.

“We continue to drive innovation at a breakneck pace because we have the finest employees in the industry. Together, we’re inspired each day to serve our customers through continuous innovation and unparalleled support.”

– Vrahram Kadkhodaian, President and CEO, PROLIFIQ 

The Summer Release enhancements improve customer engagement and boost sales, marketing and customer success productivity for PROLIFIQ CRUSH, PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP and PROLIFIQ ACE.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, CRUSH, RELATIONSHIP MAP and ACE are currently available on AppExchange.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest enhancements.



PROLIFIQ CRUSH is a key account management app that arms sales and customer success teams with valuable account intelligence that enables them to drive more business.

Working closely with customers and partners who help drive product roadmap direction, significant usability enhancements are available throughout CRUSH SWOT Analysis, CRUSH Cross-Sell, and CRUSH Influence Chart. 

CRUSH continues to turn account planning into a more visual, less manual experience, to help sales teams save time and drive more opportunities.



PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP enables sales and customer success teams to bring their contacts to life across Salesforce Sales Cloud and Quip. Users can quickly identify champions, earmark supporters, flag blockers, and develop actionable insights to drive better decisions.

The CRUSH Influence Chart has been added to PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP. This powerful combination enables sales and customer success teams to compete more effectively by viewing and managing their relationships with two highly visual and complementary tools.

Other enhancements for RELATIONSHIP MAP include the ability to save settings for each map, show or hide parents on org charts, use the new overview feature to pan across large maps, set the orientation of a map to horizontal or vertical, and add placeholders to identify key contacts that need to be identified or new positions that need to be filled.



PROLIFIQ ACE is a digital content management app that enables sales and customer success reps to deliver marketing content that embraces buyer journeys. 

ACE Content Adviser includes a new relevant content feature that recommends content wherever you’re working in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, such as accounts, plans, contacts, industries and opportunities.

ACE Engage has been enhanced to associate and report activities such as email sends, clicks and views, with contact records. Additional content email security protections have also been introduced.

For more information about how PROLIFIQ can help you crush your competitors and ace the customer experience, contact us today!

Posted On
July 20, 2020
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