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State of Sales Enablement

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State of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement programs and applications have been thrust into the spotlight as companies pursue innovative ways to boost win rates, adapt to new buyer behaviors, co-create value with customers, and generate top-line growth.

PROLIFIQ surveyed over 800 Salesforce users to learn what’s going on inside their companies as they come to terms with the lasting effects of COVID-19. 

As you can see, account planning, key account management, and analytics are the top areas of focus for sales teams right now.

Navigating the New Sales Landscape

State of Sales Enablement Report 2020

The original sales enablement predictions for this year have changed. Get the latest insights from Salesforce users to learn what’s trending now.

State of Sales Enablement Report 2020

Sales Enablement Program Concerns

The terms that sales leaders frequently used when sharing their concerns with us were around adoption, sales, usability, and data. 

Again, with the growing pressure to prove sales enablement ROI, there is more emphasis this year on data quality and integrity. 

State of Sales Enablement 2020 

Mini Webinar

Consume the full 2020 Sales Enablement Report in just 15 minutes with this brief summary video.


Digital Content: Highly Valued

Consistent with last year, half of respondents indicated they agree that digital content is valuable for creating, advancing and closing pipeline. 

Today’s sales professionals know that corporate buyers can access a wealth of digital resources to research products and services on their own. So delivering the right content at the right stage of the buyer’s journey gives sales people a competitive edge. 

State of Sales Enablement Infographics

State of Sales Enablement 2020 Infographic

Get straight to the facts with the top insights from our latest Sales Enablement Report.

    State of Salesforce Adoption 2020 Infographic

    Driving adoption can be tough. See how you compare to other companies.

      State of Digital Content Management 2020 Infographic

      Find out how much content affects the sales cycle and remote selling in the new normal.

        State of Account-Based Selling 2020 Infographic

        Aligning sales and marketing tactics may be old news, but there are still gaps to close.

          Sales Enablement Metrics Matter

          Based on survey responses, setting metrics to measure sales enablement ROI increased 12% from last year.

          As budgets had to tighten suddenly this past spring, more sales and marketing teams have been asked to track and prove the value of their investments.


          Sales Enablement Best Practices

           Sales Enablement Best Practice #1: Start with a Plan

          A successful sales enablement strategy provides your organization’s sales team with the information, tools, and content it needs. However, as you grow your company, you need to constantly evolve your sales team and their selling process. 

          Creating a sales enablement strategy will help shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, improve deal sizes, and drive overall performance. And, of course, the plan can be adjusted as you learn what works best for your sales team.

          A sales playbook can help you do all of this. Download the Sales Playbook to get tactical with your sales enablement.

           Sales Enablement Best Practice #2: Get the Most Out of Key Accounts

          Key account management and planning are integral to maintaining and, more importantly, growing your most valued accounts. An account-based selling approach ensures your sales team stays focused and productive.

          Key account management and planning also helps reps drive more upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Identifying business units within an account that may benefit from the same product or building interest in new products throughout an account slashes time spent selling. Cross-selling and upselling are also a great opportunity to network within an account and build new relationships.

          The Essential Guide to Key Account Management will help you ramp up your account-based selling strategy.

           Sales Enablement Best Practice #3: Grow Accounts By Growing Relationships

          Mapping relationships helps you visualize and understand the dynamic relationships and decision-making power of individuals within key accounts. Incorporating relationship mapping any champions or blockers within the accounts you’re targeting. Doing so will help you identify any gaps in the alliance and plan your next steps accordingly. 

          Track inter-personal connections that could be leveraged to further grow relationships such as connections outside the office. Any of these relationships could help you get in contact with the right person to move a deal forward. 

          Learn more with the Essential Guide to Relationship Mapping.

           Sales Enablement Best Practice #4: Create and Organize Content for Every Stage

          To keep your sales team focused on clients, it’s also important to build a content strategy that aligns with every stage of sales cycle. Companies consistently find that the majority of the content sales and marketing teams create goes unused. 

          Content Management provides sales, marketing, and customer success teams with key insights around content. If organized well, it helps increase productivity by making it easy for sales to find the best piece of content for every interaction with each customer. 

          Follow the Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement to successfully implement sales enablement at your company.

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