Show How Your Success = Sales Team Success

Connect your efforts to higher sales performance and improve how your team wins with the Salesforce account planning power-up.

    Prove the Worth of Sales Enablement and Show a Direct Line to Results

    Sales enablement pros know their work is invaluable – but it can be a challenge to prove it.

    Prolifiq CRUSH + RELATIONSHIP MAP – our native key account management, revenue optimization, and relationship mapping apps – offers an easy and visible way to link sales team improvement to bottom-line growth.

    Maximize Sales Success with Key Account Management

    Sales ops and enablement leaders know that account planning unlocks the potential for each rep and team to perform at their peak – and increase that peak every quarter. CRUSH provide a strategic way to consistently improve.

    Protect Investments and Improve Accountability at the Same Time

    Your organization has invested valuable resources into sales enablement, especially with Salesforce as their CRM of choice. Prolifiq helps you protect these resources – and ensure reps are using them the way you know they should – by increasing Salesforce user adoption and usage rates. Plus, now they can integrate Salesforce, Prolifiq CRUSH and Slack for truly seamless communication and tracking.

    Clean Up Sales Data and Streamline Processes

    Poor data hygiene and complicated and unclear processes are the bane of sales ops and enablement pros everywhere. With Prolifiq’s Salesforce upgrades, you can have one source of account data truth and make vital selling motions much easier to follow.

    Make Your Sellers More Productive and Efficient Than Ever

    By eliminating disparate systems and bringing sales motions back into Salesforce, sales enablement leaders can drive up productivity by as much as 25% through CRUSH and RELATIONSHIP MAP – and prove it to leadership.