See More, Know More, Win More - and Drive Team Success

Upgrade your sales team’s Salesforce arsenal with an account planning command center to win more lucrative deals - together.

    Ensure Sales Reps Are Creating - and Following - Account Plans

    Sales teams that leverage account planning find, cultivate, and close more lucrative deals with their most important accounts – but many reps create them in Google Slides or PowerPoint decks to check a box and never use them again.

    Prolifiq CRUSH + RELATIONSHIP MAP – our native key account management, revenue optimization, and relationship mapping apps – gives sales leaders an easy way to ensure teams are staying on track and on target with account-based selling.

    Gain Valuable Insight into Your Team’s Selling Performance

    Sales leaders know that success depends on transparency throughout the entire team – and that means having one place to gather and access crucial data about accounts and customers. With CRUSH, sales leaders and their reps have a single, central resource for every account on the books.

    Help Fill In Gaps in Your Sales Reps’ Customer Knowledge

    A sales team is only as good as what it knows – but it can be difficult for sales leaders to see these gaps in how well they know and understand their customer. Using Prolifiq, sales leaders can pinpoint gaps in understanding customer objectives, budget, the important stakeholders, and who the champions, supporters, and blockers are in a pursuit or customer.

    Avoid Wasted Resources and Duplication of Efforts

    One big challenge sales leaders have is making sure time is being well spent. When sales reps are duplicating efforts and putting important account information outside of your CRM, they’re wasting time and hurting team efficiency. CRUSH offers the collaboration and visibility that solves this challenge.

    Increase Salesforce User Adoption and Usage

    Salesforce is a powerful tool and a great investment, but only if your sales reps use it. Sales teams enjoy an average 53% increase in user adoption when they use CRUSH and RELATIONSHIP MAP. Now, they can even integrate Slack with CRUSH for a truly seamless communication and tracking process.