Get Your Opportunity
and Account Planning Score

Are you properly planning for success in sales? Use this scorecard to find out where you stand and how you can improve.


You have a process in place, but it’s not really outlined specifically into steps. Each team member may do things differently, and they are siloed in their approach to how they find opportunities and how they upsell in current accounts.


You work together on opportunity and account planning, and you have a CRM where you hold all of that information. You work as a team and things are going smoothly… yet deep down you know there are still gaps in your system that could cause you to miss potential pipeline.


Account planning - you do this in your sleep! You know the ins and outs of opportunity planning and discovery, and how to analyze each account to squeeze every dime out of each deal. You’re living inside of your CRM each day and working as a team to reach bigger deals faster.

Opportunity Planning

We establish whether the customer has an adequate budget
We fully understand and document the customer’s challenges
We identify the competitors who are also involved in the sales cycle
We map out our main champions/supporters in the account
We identify, document, and plan around blockers in the account
The team handling the account understands who has the most influence in the process
Mutual Plan
We outline the milestones, objectives, and responsibilities from both sides to move forward
There is a mutual plan with next steps laid out and agreed upon by our team and the prospects
Path to close
There is clear understanding of the procurement, legal, and security processes we’ll have to navigate to close
We understand the customer’s competing priorities and have a plan on how to reconcile them before close

Account Planning

There is currently an account planning process in our business
Our team documents the goal pertaining to that account, and who will be involved internally
There is clear communication and documentation of the customer’s reason for inquiry, and their goals and objectives with our product/service
Everyone involved in the sales cycle or handling of customers knows who the account’s main decision-makers are
There is clear documentation of who has the most influence and support of our product in new pursuits or key customers
Our team puts together a SWOT for the account once we have a sales-qualified opportunity
The account’s health and adoption is being tracked to help identify which accounts can be expanded in
There is a clear outline of where there is whitespace (opportunity for cross-sells and up-sells) within an account
We have a revenue growth strategy for each of our key accounts, customized to that account
Sales and Customer Success have plans to retain each customer documented in our CRM