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Account Planning

Account Planning Masterclass

Join Prolifiq’s VP of Sales, Jack Gallo, as he takes a deep dive into the best practices surrounding strategic account planning and management.

Account Planning

Appexchange Mavericks: Salesforce Features Prolifiq

In this episode of AppExchange Mavericks, Salesforce MVP Joanna Iturbe chats with PROLIFIQ’s President and CEO Vrahram Kadkhodaian on how customers can drive value with solutions that bring the most valuable selling motions back into Salesforce.

Account Planning

SOAR Performance Group Customer Testimonial

John Thackston, VP of Client Services at SOAR Performance Group, discusses how his sales team creates great relationships with the key accounts that need them most.

Account Planning

Field Nation Customer Testimonial

Scott Larson, VP of Client Services at Field Nation, shares how he enabled his sales team by leveraging existing data to manage and collaborate around key accounts.

Sales Enablement

Navigating the AppExchange

PROLIFIQ CTO and Salesforce Security Review Analyst share useful tips, tricks and learnings to help you on our AppExchange review journey.

Account Planning

Supercharge Salesforce with PROLIFIQ CRUSH

Salesforce features how high velocity sales reps can use CRUSH for native Salesforce account planning and key account management.