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Account-Based Selling

2021 State of Sales Enablement

Check out our annual state of sales enablement report and learn how sales leaders adapted, changed and overcame the challenges faced by every business in 2021, and what’s next.

Sales Enablement

2020 State of Sales Enablement Report

Sales enablement trend predictions have seen some ups and downs, along with everything else this year. Here are the latest insights from Salesforce users sharing what they are focused on as we start to see stability again.

Account-Based Selling

Grow Your Pipeline and Increase Sales with Account-Based Selling

Produced with Selling Power, learn how to grow pipeline and increase your sales with account-based selling.

Account Planning

State of QBRs: Powering Up Performance

We interviewed Salesforce users to learn just how effective quarterly business reviews really are.

Account Planning

CIO Applications Salesforce Edition: PROLIFIQ

CIO Applications features an in-depth review of PROLIFIQ for native Salesforce sales enablement.

Account-Based Selling

Boost Salesforce Adoption with Native Apps

We found that apps are helping organizations leverage their Salesforce investment, supercharge adoption and bring critical selling motions into Salesforce. More sales. More customers. More revenue. See how.