See the bigger picture with your contacts and map out your next deal inside Salesforce or Quip with relationship mapping.

Native in Salesforce and Powered by Lightning

Understand the contacts and leads within an account from a 10,000 foot view or a 10 foot view so you can target your efforts on the relationships that will shorten sales cycles and accelerate deal progress.

Relationship Map Features

When it comes to choosing a relationship mapping tool, there are a number of important details to consider.

Bring Your Salesforce Data to Life

Transform static, one-dimension contact lists into dynamic org charts and pinpoint your decision makers with drag-and-drop capabilities, relationship lines and badges. Complex accounts need navigation, and this is your map.If selling was a video game, this is the cheat code.

Determine Their Influence

Templatize the process of connecting sales reps to the right target contacts and leads - seamlessly and efficiently. Unlock opportunities by identifying stakeholder influence in key accounts. Then celebrate - you've cracked the code.

Quip Integration

Manage your contacts inside Quip and your trusted Salesforce CRM. Intelligent, automated relationship maps are clicks away and contact updates are always bidirectional across your systems.

Customer Stories

"The Prolifiq team was incredibly responsive and receptive to not just understanding our needs, but also delivering on what was promised."
Caitlin Hayes, Director of Sales Operations
Customer Stories

Relationship Mapping Checklist

Relationship mapping is a high-impact, low-effort way to step up your sales game. Use this checklist to get a boost.

Essential Guide to Relationship Mapping

This relationship mapping essential guide will walk you through the key components of creating a dynamic org chart like a pro.


Cost effective with a big return on investment.