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Bring the Relationship Back into CRM

Great relationships pave the road to revenue. Get started with RELATIONSHIP MAP – native in Salesforce and Powered by Lightning. Visually identify your champions, earmark supporters, and flag blockers. Develop actionable insights to drive better decisions. Bring the most valuable selling motions back inside Salesforce.

Native in Salesforce

Drive adoption and flawless data with a relationship mapping tool that plugs directly into Salesforce. Enjoy the added benefits of a seamless Salesforce interface and data protection.

Boost Sales Productivity

Embed real-time productivity inside your trusted Salesforce CRM. Unlock opportunities and identify important stakeholders in key accounts. Build pipeline, increase win rates and drive deeper relationships to power up your team.

Bring Your Salesforce Contacts to Life

RELATIONSHIP MAP brings to life valuable Salesforce contact information so you can grow your business while cultivating important customer relationships. It’s the most advanced relationship map on the platform.

Drive Salesforce Adoption

Built on the Salesforce Platform, RELATIONSHIP MAP is available in the Powered by Lightning collection on AppExchange. It’s easy to enable, simple to learn and brings relationships into Salesforce. Snap it in and keep selling.

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Prolifiq RELATIONSHIP MAP brings one of the best account management motions directly into Salesforce. Quickly manage stakeholders, identify relationships between contacts, and develop insights to drive better decisions. This is the one tool your sales reps need.

Want to see the full demo? Check out our AppExchange now.

Build Thriving Relationships

A key account strategy drives an average of three new executive relationships.

I Highly Recommend This Tool

This tool is so easy to use and we love that it seamlessly integrated with our Salesforce instance. Our team loves the relationship map and key stakeholders features. And, as an admin, I love how easily we can customize it according to our business needs.


Great Sales Tool, Easy for Users to Use and Understand

The stakeholders section is invaluable because you can create an org chart for your contacts as well as add unrelated contacts that are centers of influence to it.”

Great Relationships Start Here, Inside Salesforce

Prolifiq RELATIONSHIP MAP powers your Account-Based Selling initiative with important capabilities, all native in Salesforce.

  • Drive Salesforce Lightning Adoption. Leverage the core Salesforce Objects to keep your sales team aligned on key account plans and management and account-based selling right where they work on a daily basis. Also Classic compatible so users can transition at their own pace.
  • See. Say. Sell! Visualize key account hierarchies and relationships to identify contacts who will help close more opportunities. Interact with stakeholders to build relationships, map sales paths and move deals forward. Drive key account plans and increase win rates.
  • Transform Your Customer 360 Engagement. Bring your contacts to life with advanced drag-and-drop visualization technology, all inside Salesforce.
  • Unlock Opportunities. Pinpoint important stakeholders in key accounts and transform obscure contact lists into visual org charts that improve clarity and help you grow customer relationships.
  • Embed Real-Time Productivity. Identify your champions, earmark supporters, flag blockers and develop actionable insights to drive better decisions. Group your contacts and find relationships that improve sales performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Complement, Don’t Compete with Salesforce. Bring your most valuable sales and customer service motions inside your trusted CRM, even when you’re mobile and on the road. Snap it in and keep selling – PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP is Powered by Lightning and built on the Salesforce Platform.

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