Relationship Map Features - Why and How We Help You Sell

When it comes to choosing a relationship mapping tool, there are a number of important details to consider.

From Unmanageable Power Points to Compelling Org Charts of Your Key Stakeholders

Turn your static contact lists into dynamic org charts and navigate complex hierarchies in less time and with more clarity. Use-drag-and-drop functionality, highlighted relationship lines, grouping, badges and other intuitive neat features to map what matters most: influence.

Understand Power and Influence Inside the Walls of Your CRM

Automate the process of connecting sellers to the right target contacts, seamlessly and efficiently, turning Salesforce into your own business interaction model. Unlock more opportunities by knowing the key players and key stakeholders, and leveraging relationships to influence them.

Chart Stakeholder Influence

Identify champions, earmark supporters, flag blockers, and see edits reflected in your relationship maps. It’s not just who you know, but what you know about them that will get stakeholders on your side.

Develop Your Plan of Attack, Faster

See where influencers live in the key account and how to get to them before the competition does. Pinpoint important stakeholders, develop plans of attack, and create tasks all within the map. Make better decisions with account info that actually makes a difference.

Simplify and Streamline Your Strategy

Guide your sales reps to the key players they need to know through ready-made, easy-to-use RELATIONSHIP MAP templates that you can drop in and play with immediately. We did the heavy lifting so you can focus on selling.

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Salesforce-Leveraged Data Security

A fast, accurate, and cost-effective approach that complements your CRM by safeguarding information and keeping your critical sales data updated in one secure system: Salesforce. We're currently in the process

The Prolifiq Success Team is Your Trusted Sales Enablement Partner

We work closely with you through personalized business onboarding to meet your goals and priorities, and technical onboarding to ensure your Salesforce Administrator is fully enabled to hit the ground running.

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Cost effective relationship mapping with a big return on investment.