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Quarterly Business Review Resource Center


Quarterly Business Review Resource Center


Why Quarterly Business Reviews Matter

An internal quarterly business review (QBR) is essential to every successful sales team. Not only do business reviews ensure the team is aligned on goals and progress on key account plans, they are extremely informative to the executive team. 

Before your next business review, make sure you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to come out on top from defining goals, to what quarterly business review questions to ask yourself before preparing your presentation, and how to create a presentation that’ll wow leadership using a QBR template.

QBR Goals

In a recent survey of Salesforce users, most respondents reported their top business review goals were to increase existing account penetration and win rates, followed closely by driving account acquisition and improving customer experience. As businesses grow, so do the opportunities for those accounts, making the selling environment more cutthroat than ever.

It’s no surprise that sales professionals feel the pressure to report on new and existing key accounts on a regular basis. Check out the quarterly business review questions below to help you get started.

Ask the right quarterly business review questions to achieve your goals

Prep Like A Pro: Quarterly Business Review Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What is the purpose of this QBR?

2. How long do I have to prepare? 

3. Who will attend?

4. What was discussed last time?

5. What has improved?  

6. Where do we need to make improvements?

7. What will we do to make improvements in these areas? 

8. What are the goals for next time and how will we benchmark them?

9. What additional resources do you need to meet these goals? 

10. When is the next team business review?


Do You Have QBR Standards?

Since regular key account reporting is becoming a staple, we wondered if companies have quarterly business review standards to help expedite and streamline the process. Most companies do have a standard format for conducting business reviews, however, nearly a quarter of respondents in our recent survey do not have a template, standard set of topics, or a review system.

Are you missing out?

Quick Start with a QBR Template

Whether your company doesn’t have a standard business review format or you’re needlessly torturing yourself with hours of manually entering data into spreadsheets – it’s time to stop. Use this QBR template to cut time and pain while setting yourself up for a successful presentation.

QBR Template

5 Myths of Quarterly Business Reviews

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Myth #1: QBRs Are Highly Disruptive

Truth: While quarterly business reviews are time-consuming for those who complete them manually, the value of sharing key account information and deal progress is far more important.

Myth #2: QBRs Are Nearly Impossible to Conduct Inside a CRM

Truth: CRMs like Salesforce are the single source of truth for your customer data and are typically updated daily and collaboratively by your sales team. Why wouldn’t you be leveraging your CRM?

Myth #3: QBRs Favor Reps With Good Presentation Skills

Truth: While charismatic speaking skills are helpful, a strong presentation starts with a solid QBR template. If put together well, your presentation will allow the data to speak for itself.

Myth #4: QBRs Don't Consistently and Easily Leverage CRM Data to Understand Historical Performance and Future Success

Truth: Again, Salesforce compiles all of your data neatly in one place. With a few Salesforce reports and dashboards, you can easily derive baseline insights for standard time-based intervals. Win reports like these will give your selling team important daily observations while also encouraging them to try new approaches and ask more intelligent quarterly business review questions.

Myth #5: QBRs Aren't Scalable Learning Opportunities Across Teams

Truth: Quarterly business reviews are a great opportunity to bring teams together and gain a better understanding of how to harness resources across your marketing, sales, customer success, and channel teams to bolster pipeline and strengthen the top account opportunities you’ve identified. 

Get More Than QBR Truths, Get Guidance

Ditch the manual tools and learn how to leverage technology to discover new key account opportunities and drive more business.

Quarterly Business Review Impact

Most respondents struggle to see the high value that business reviews can have on their organization. 

While disappointing, this is not surprising considering only 15% reported that QBRs are very effective in advancing their goals. Companies still need to make business reviews a more sophisticated, efficient practice for sales professionals.


Next QBR, Shine Bright Like a Diamond

One way to drive business review efficiency is with a kit that has everything you need to knock out your quarterly business review faster, all in one place. From getting started with a template to making sure you’ve got everything your manager wants with a checklist, we’ve got you covered.


  • Nearly a quarter of organizations either only conduct business reviews annually or have no set schedule for performing them. 22% 22%

NEW Quarterly Business Review Report

Want more of the stats you’ve seen throughout this page? We’ve got loads more! 

In our new report, we investigate the state of internal quarterly business reviews among Salesforce users and how QBRs impact their business.

Sick of Manual QBRs All Together?

You may have thought business reviews were a thing of the past, but you’d be dead wrong if you thought you could drive business without performing them regularly. The only problem? Efficiency. But for Salesforce users, this can be resolved once and for all with a native app that compiles all of your key account information in one trusted source. Learn how we can help you drastically cut time and effort so you can get back to selling.

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