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Our account-based selling apps for relationship mapping, key account management and digital content management are native on Salesforce, so you can snap them in and keep selling. It’s that easy.


Advanced Relationship Map Native in Salesforce. Starting at $19 / per user, per month.


  • Advanced relationship map
  • Powered by Lightning
  • Salesforce CRM Data


  • Bring your Salesforce data to life.
  • Sales, marketing and customer success teams can unlock opportunities and identify important stakeholders in key accounts.
  • Stay close to your champions, earmark supporters, flag blockers and develop actionable insights to drive better decisions.


Key Account Management Native in Salesforce. Starting at $49 / per user, per month.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Account Team Tasks
  • Salesforce CRM Data
  • Salesforce Dashboards


  • Stay ahead of your competitors with SWOT Analysis.
  • Keep the sales and marketing teams accountable with Account Team Tasks.
  • Identify and engage with Key Stakeholders.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities in Account White Space.
  • Leverage your Salesforce CRM investments.


Digital Content Management Native in Salesforce. Starting at $49 / per user, per month.


  • Visual Content Playlists
  • Publish, Share and Send
  • Gain Real-Time Insights
  • Powered by Lightning
  • Salesforce CRM Data


  • Leverage visual Content Playlists to close deals.
  • Publish, share and send your content to engage and educate.
  • Sell smarter with Real-Time Insights.
  • Leverage Salesforce CRM investments.

Complete Suite

Account-Based Selling Native in Salesforce. Starting at $79 / per user, per month.


  • ACE
  • Powered by Lightning
  • Salesforce CRM Data


  • Visualize your accounts and contacts.
  • Strategize key account opportunities.
  • Crush your competitors.
  • Ace the customer experience.
  • All native in Salesforce!

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"The Prolifiq team was incredibly responsive and receptive to not just understanding our needs, but also delivering on what was promised."
Caitlin Hayes, Director of Sales Operations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies claim to be native, but is truly native, as it is built on the Salesforce platform and doesn’t require third-party APIs or configurations.
Salesforce and both have knowledge bases that include articles and videos on how to use the platform. It’s simple - the more your team uses Salesforce, the more they’ll understand how to utilize Salesforce effectively. products fit into any sales methodology your organization might be using. Configurations and Objects can be customized to your Salesforce org and sales methodology.
A relationship map is a dynamic organizational chart, showing business unit hierarchies within an account. goes two steps further, allowing you to map out influence of the Contacts within an organization as well as drawing relationship lines between Contacts. If your Sales Director is in a softball league with someone on the Marketing team or your internal AE knows the Marketing Director from college, you can draw a relationship line to show that.
Key account management (KAM) is the process of planning and managing a beneficial partnership between an organization and its most important customers. Key accounts are significant to an organization's sustainable, long-term growth and should include a business overview, goals, relationship mapping, SWOT analysis, whitespace reports for cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and report dashboard capabilities. And for, tying them to Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities allows for real-time updates, tracking and management, without having to jump between other apps and documents.
Digital content management is the storage, organization, indexing and curation of the digital content used by a business. Digital content can take many forms including text files, documents, graphics, images, animations, and audio and video files. It allows marketing and sales teams to keep the most up-to-date content at their fingertips, ensuring brand consistency and sales compliance. ACE gives teams this and more, with the ability to send or present content, create playlists based on product or industry (or any other vertical you can think of), as well as showing recommended content based on your customer journey within an Opportunity or Account.