Salesforce Sales Enablement for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Benefits

Success in manufacturing is about producing product through a hyper-efficient process. Success in sales is no different.Salesforce is a powerful sales machine for manufacturing companies, but it can be made even better with Prolifiq’s suite of native apps - giving your CRM the total coverage, 360-degree sales solution you need to compete. We make sales happen for those who make everything else.

Stay Timely and Up-to-Date

Make sure your reps never miss a beat by keeping your information fresh and always within reach, right from your Salesforce CRM.

Build a Stronger Sales Org

Align your sales and marketing teams to your key account plan and work better as a unified unit like never before.

Discover Actionable Insights

Create better action plans with the easy-to-use analytics and planning tools we embed in Salesforce

Educate Your Prospects

Help your reps best leverage your latest compliant content and keep the conversation churning along toward the finish line - one awesome piece of collateral at a time.

How Prolifiq can help your team

Sales & Customer Success

Build account plans around your industry’s specific needs, using a proven framework.

Relationship mapping and influence charting that tells you who’s who - and who isn’t - within your target account
Tasks, cross-sell and upsell analysis that powers up your team-based selling
Tailored messaging and data-driven guidance on how to best align your content to your buyer journey
Sales chart illustration


Forge the content strategy that your manufacturing sales team can use to build bridges toward deals. Eliminate all disconnects between sales and marketing and give prospects a seamless selling experience.

Organize your content with playlists that help you share the most relevant information to key contacts (note: doesn’t allow you to play music)
Feature your latest content - put your marketing team’s best work in front of your sellers so they can be 100% responsive with their prospects
Gain insights on content performance so you can speed up your sales cycle with the perfect piece at the perfect time
Launch campaigns to educate - then enlist - your prospects
Marketing charts illustration

IT & Salesforce Admins

Data that is secure and easy to access, whenever you need it. Installment into Salesforce that’s so easy, you’d think it was there all along. Gate access and keep control for compliance.

Take advantage of the data stability and security that only native Salesforce apps can provide
Lower IT costs while making the bottom line grow - a win-win proposition for any admin
Boost ROI of your CRM and increase Salesforce adoption by giving sales reps a sales tool they’ll actually want to use (and have no trouble doing so)
IT security illustration


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