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Native Salesforce Key Account Management

Be A Disrupter With Key Account Management

Despite investing in digital transformation, processes and methods, many sales teams continue to be challenged by issues that obstruct sales velocity and performance. These challenges are compounded when selling into distributed, enterprise accounts because important activities such as conducting SWOT analyses, identifying white space, assembling stakeholder hierarchy maps and sharing content with buyers have traditionally been handled outside of the native Salesforce platform. 

Disruptive B2B sales and marketing leaders are pioneering new sales enablement best practices, among which is key account management.

Market Landscape: Quota Pressures and Customer Expectations Mount

Selling to more informed modern buyers is not easy. Adjusting to this new reality is proving difficult for many sales teams. In fact, nearly sixty percent of reps expect to miss their quotas this year. 

And according to this same research, there are many shortfalls with traditional sales metrics and overall approaches to customer engagement, which can be addressed by intelligent key account management.

The best sales professionals are able to stand out by demonstrating their ability to serve as trusted advisors who personalize the buying experience — and ultimately becoming a trusted advisor. They know that the more they can service and empower their prospects and customers, the greater chance they have of winning more business.

There is also the matter of turnover, which can be catastrophic. It’s expensive to hire, onboard and train sales reps. Not only is turnover costly, it’s embarrassing to lose reps in the middle of valuable prospecting and customer relationship building.

Why Native Salesforce Key Account Management

Salesforce has led the charge with SaaS-based CRM solutions that continue to transform the industry. At the same time, buyers have become much more sophisticated and they expect even greater levels of support from the sales teams that service them.

With native Salesforce key account management, you can leverage your existing account data thereby eliminating duplicative work. Plus, a key account management app that lives directly inside Salesforce will encourage sales teams to login for the purpose of using both and help drive adoption.

Sales Performance by the Numbers

Only 54.3% of B2B sales reps attained quota in 2018. That’s down from 63% quota attainment from only five years ago.

Only 16% of sales leaders are confident they have the talent to succeed.

The time to ramp up a new B2B sales rep selling complex solutions is 9-10+ months.

Average turnover cost of a B2B sales rep is $200,000+.

Native Salesforce key account management is a unique strategy that takes advantage of your existing investment in Salesforce and coordinates personalized sales efforts to win more business, faster and with greater customer satisfaction. Let’s examine the essentials.

Find the Right Tool to Leverage the Power of Salesforce and Key Account Management to Boost Sales Results

Key Account Management Essential #1: Find the Right App

Salesforce customers often report they’ve already “invested in transformation and now it’s time to boost sales performance. When evaluating your key account management options, you should focus on native Salesforce solutions that include core functionality to quickly increase productivity and wins.

Here’s a five-point capabilities list of what’s crucial for key account management success:

 SWOT Analysis

Quickly visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, ensuring they can be seen by all account team members to align and harness combined skillsets.

 Account Team Tasks

Document objectives and key dates for team members to ensure everyone is working together to win more business.

 Key Stakeholders

Capture valuable key influencer information in a stakeholder map and document the influence levels of each stakeholder.

 Whitespace Reports

Analyze the white space in an account to identify and prioritize the best opportunities for growth.

 Salesforce Account and Opportunity Objects

Leveraged Salesforce CRM data and supplement with additional key account management information.

Key Account Management Essential #2: Native Salesforce Design

When your team huddles on how to win and grow accounts, why take it outside of Salesforce?
Key account management should be handled natively in Salesforce, where it belongs.

100% Native Inside Salesforce

Completely native solutions are built inside Salesforce’s trusted platform. A native solution allows sales professionals to create, manage and execute account plans, and deliver content within Salesforce.

Administrators can “snap in” a native app while sales reps keep selling. No integration needed. Better yet, native apps provide exclusive, real-time insights and ensure the Salesforce platform remains the single source of truth.

Because they reside natively inside Salesforce, they are trusted, secure, intelligent, multitenant and mobile apps. And they completely leverage your investments in Salesforce training, administration and data. They’re also maintenance free and are consistently updated three times per year to coincide with the Salesforce platform release schedule.


The highest rated native key account management app on Salesforce Appexchange.

Key Account Management Essential #3: Sales Methodology Flexibility

Salesforce customers grow weary of the “transformation” mantra from vendors. After investing in their leading CRM platform, customers tell us they need early wins and don’t want to be encumbered with large, time-consuming and expensive guided selling projects.

Avoid Costly Guided Selling Projects

Instead, they want flexible, “snap in and sell” native Salesforce solutions that support their methods and evolve with their needs.

These sales leaders know there are smarter ways to capture and share account intelligence, serve as trusted advisors to help buyers in their decision-making process, and close more business.

Key Account Management Essential #4: Digital Content Management Apps

While a native Salesforce key account management app provides valuable insights to drive more business, being paired with a digital content management app for Sales supports the execution of the account plan and strategy.

Successful Remote Selling Relies on Digital Content

While sales teams continue to sell remotely, digital content is becoming increasingly more important for every stage of the buyer’s journey. To drive revenue while remote selling, the best way to manage content is with an app that snaps into Salesforce.

A native content management app should include visual content playlists; capabilities to publish, share and send digital content; and analytics that provide real-time insights to help educate and enable buyers throughout their purchase cycles. Best of all, this can be combined with your key account management strategy to make a greater impact with top accounts.

Key Account Management Essential #5: Measurable ROI

Winning early and often is a great recipe for success. A successful key account management strategy is no different.

Opportunity and Business Drivers

Ultimately, the goal of every company is to become true customer advisors and to cultivate higher performing sales and marketing teams. Salesforce customers cite several important business drivers they are deploying to disrupt their industries. Since they’ve already invested in the leading CRM platform, they focus next on the following three key drivers to quickly boost sales performance:

  1. Adopt a flexible, native key account management solution that completely leverages their investments in Salesforce account and opportunity data, training and administration.
  2. Leverage better account intelligence to collaborate across their sales teams and become trusted customer advisors.
  3. Enable easy access to content that embraces customer journeys and improves their buying experience.


Significant Business Impact

Research reveals that an effective key account management and management strategy can yield significant business impact in a relatively short time frame. Companies that rally their people, process and technology around native Salesforce key account management experience many tangible benefits such as creating more opportunities, closing bigger deals and strengthening key stakeholder relationships.

85% of customers report growing their share of wallet by applying account management best practices.

96% develop new key account opportunities following the implementation of an account management strategy.

72% improve their Net Promoter Score following the deployment of an account management strategy

60% of reps report winning large new opportunities within the first year of deployment

Virtually all report better collaboration across sales and marketing.


“We love SFDC but our reps had trouble falling in love with the key account management process. Using CRUSH it offered our reps an opportunity (pun intended) to plan their account steps without clicking more than necessary.”


CRUSH gives our users only what they need to be agile and effective. They spend their time planning and strategizing, not learning program features.

“We are a large global company and will be using CRUSH going forward. Following a detailed evaluation of potential vendors & applications, PROLIFIQ’S CRUSH was our top choice for migrating strategic key account management to our Salesforce platform. The intuitive nature of CRUSH was easily superior to the other options and the ease of install and price made this a clear decision to implement as our key account management platform. The PROLIFIQ team was extraordinarily supportive throughout our selection process, couldn’t have been better. I recommend any commercial organization look into to using CRUSH for key account management.

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