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How to Pack for Your Dreamforce Survival

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November 6, 2019
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Dreamforce is less than two weeks away! There’s a lot to remember as you get ready, so here are the most important things to remember to bring so you can say #ISurvivedDF19.



For the Weekend


Comfortable Shoes

 I cannot stress this enough comfort is key. Dreamforce means long days, lots of walking, lots of networking, and very few opportunities to sit. Many people wear their favorite running shoes, paired with jeans a Salesforce Trailblazer hoodie or more formal attire. However you decide to dress, just make sure you can comfortably walk and stand in your shoes all day. 




As I mentioned, some people will be in jeans and sweatshirts, others will be in suits. But again, wear what’s comfortable to you. If you have a lot of meetings you may want to dress more professionally, especially if it’s with customers or prospects you haven’t met face to face before. If you’re attending sessions or manning an Expo booth, you can definitely get away with more casual attire as long as you’re ok sitting or standing in it all day and still look professional.







It may be California but it’s still Fall! Bring a light jacket or sweater for when it gets cooler in the evenings, but that’s easy to take off as you walk around the Dreamforce campus. Some of the session rooms and the Expo can be stuffy at times. With layers, you’re ready to take on the temperature changes throughout the day.




Extra Space


Some people bring an entire extra suitcase for all the Dreamforce swag! Or, if you’ve got more self-control than me, you can probably squeak by if you don’t overpack and have some space in the suitcase you’re bringing. Dreamforce attendees get a special backpack unique to that year’s Dreamforce filled with goodies. Plus, every booth on the Expo floor hands out items, not to mention prizes and shopping opportunities on the Dreamforce campus and surrounding area. If you miiiight end up buying a few stuffed Astros for your kids, maybe opt to bring the second bag.



Pro Tip – The Dreamforce attendee swag usually includes a reusable water bottle so keep it filled to stay hydrated all day! 


For the Day




Whatever you do, do not leave your room in the morning without a charging cable for your phone and fully charged battery pack to get extra juice in case you’re not back in your room for 12 hours. There are some outlets around the Dreamforce campus but like airports, they’ll be packed and hard to get a spot.





Unless you really need it for a meeting or some serious note-taking, leave it in your hotel room for the day. Sessions are fast-paced, so snap pics of slides you want to capture and jot notes on your phone or a good old fashioned notepad.



Pro Tip – If you snap pics, be sure to tweet them and tag your presenter with #DF19!


Phone Numbers


Make sure you have the numbers or means to easily communicate with all your team members and anyone you are meeting with. Plans can change quickly during the day, plus finding a person you have plans to meet with can be like finding a needle in a haystack.



Common Sense


You might laugh, but this is no joke. Between exhaustion, excitement, and the parties it’ll be extra hard to tell when your body has had enough. Don’t let the adrenaline trick you into pushing yourself too far. Remember to check-in with yourself and that it’s ok to call it a day. If you can make it to bed by 10pm you’ll be able to take on even more Dreamforce the next day.



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Posted On
November 6, 2019
Resource Type
Account Planning