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Financial Services & Account Planning: 8 Reasons They’re A Dynamic Duo

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June 29, 2020
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Account Planning

Financial services and account planning go together like peanut butter and jelly, like bacon and eggs, or like a burger and fries. By now you’re probably hungry – to learn why exactly this is a dynamic duo!

Here are 8 reasons financial services companies need account planning. 

Financial Services Relies on Relationship Management

Org Charts

It’s crucial for financial services reps to keep track of everyone within a key account. Graphical, dynamic org charts bolster account information with a useful visual aid. Seeing an account laid out makes it easy to understand who the decision-makers.

Grow Relationships Strategically

Doing business with financial advisors and asset managers relies heavily on building relationships. This is especially true for fin serv reps who want referrals. Relationship mapping is a great way to keep track of your contacts and where their loyalty lies. Understanding key stakeholders will help you expand your network with a clear path forward. 


Find and Win Selling Opportunities

Stay Organized

Defining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business is a fundamental step in account planning for financial services companies. Once a SWOT analysis is completed, goals can be set with definitive tasks that give your reps ownership of their time and ensure you accomplish these objectives.

Identify Opportunities

Key account management can also help financial services reps uncover new opportunities by performing a whitespace analysis. This process identifies any gaps in your business which sales can take advantage of to increase sales or market share. 


This process can also help identify opportunities to cross-sell. That is, identify other products that will fulfill or complement the additional needs of your customers. Growth in the financial services industry depends on referrals. As such, cross-selling should be done with every customer and can be with the help of account planning.


Bonus Benefits for Financial Services Salesforce Users

Gain Ultimate Trust

Trust is hugely important in the financial services industry. So you’re probably no stranger to Salesforce’s promise to keep data private and secure. Native Salesforce account planning tools are the only apps that can guarantee that same level of trust and security. Not only will they keep your data secure, but help you extend that trust to your clients.

Drive Salesforce Adoption 

Since Salesforce is a big investment, it’s also important to make sure your team actually uses the CRM. For Financial Services companies, proving the value of your purchase is a must. Implementing an account planning tool that’s native to Salesforce will encourage users to log in and take advantage of both.

Leverage Your Salesforce Data

Another huge plus of having a native tool means that all the work your team has put into Salesforce doesn’t have to be redone. Instead, your financial services’ account planning tool plugs right into your org, leveraging the data that’s already there. 


It’s All About Productivity In the End

Account planning helps financial services companies grow strategic relationships, find and close more selling opportunities, and ensures customer trust and security. 

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Posted On
June 29, 2020
Resource Type
Account Planning