Salesforce Sales Enablement for Financial Service Companies

Financial Service Benefits

Financial services teams have special challenges that other sales orgs don’t have. You need to be able to do your job within a labyrinth of regulations, policies, and procedures - and not every sales tool is cut out for the job. The keys to success? Protect and secure data; ensure everyone is on the same page; and oversee the sales process with complete, 100% clarity. That’s what Prolifiq offers, which is why investment management teams love us.

Enforce Sales Compliance

Enable reps with the latest information already housed in your Salesforce CRM.

Unify Account-Based Selling

See the big picture of your key accounts to keep sales teams in step, in regulation, and on target.

Enable Mobile Strategic Selling

Support teams on-the go without missing a beat with our flexible, all-distance infrastructure.

Gain Business Agility

Keep your investment team agile and flexible in the face of a shifting financial marketplace.

How Prolifiq can help your team

Sales & Customer Success

Jumpstart key account planning with a framework for financial service companies.

Know who to contact and how to reach them so you can close deals faster with relationship mapping and influence charting.
Put the power of team-based selling to work with seamless task, cross-sell, and upsell analysis.
Synchronize goals and processes inside Salesforce to keep everyone working in unison.
Optimize messaging and get advice on who should be sent content, all aligned with buyer journeys that are unique to financial services.
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Accelerate sales cycles, reach key stakeholders faster, and put your entire team to work with superior content strategy. Ensure financial services teams have the most up-to-date - and compliant - content to drive more conversations and take those crucial next steps.

Build playlists to deliver the most relevant information to your top accounts and mitigate costly mistakes.
Feature the latest content and allow your team to select their favorite and most-used content, for superior efficiency
Gain insights on what pieces of content are working best to drive deals - and which you need to rework or replace. (Survival of the fittest at its best; only the strong content shall survive.)
Launch campaigns that use your brilliant content to dazzle, wow, and win over prospects
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IT & Salesforce Admins

All data, always up-to-date, under the umbrella of Salesforce data security. Easy integration into your Salesforce investment and permission control that keeps your team compliant.

Get stability and security with native Salesforce key account and digital content management.
Reduce total cost of ownership of Salesforce and boost your ROI at the same time
Increase Salesforce adoption in your organization with tools that don't make your teams leave Salesforce and give the CRM powerful capabilities it needs for a 360-degree solution
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Account Planning Masterclass

Join Prolifiq's VP of Sales, Jack Gallo, as he takes a deep dive into the best practices surrounding strategic account planning...

Relationship Mapping Checklist

Relationship mapping is a high-impact, low-effort way to step up your sales game. Use this checklist to get a boost.