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You Should Keep Your Selling Motions Inside Salesforce

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November 19, 2021
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Account-Based Selling
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For enterprise sales teams looking to tackle major accounts, there’s no more valuable sales tool than your Salesforce CRM.

But too many teams put too much of their selling process outside of Salesforce. The result is often a more complicated, confusing, and inefficient process that can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated sales reps.

Simply put, if your most important selling motions live outside of Salesforce, then you’re not maximizing your investment. You may even be hurting your sales efforts.

That’s why you need to make your CRM a true command center for your enterprise sales team. Pull in all your most valuable selling motions – account planning and research, prospecting, data analysis, finding decision-makers, managing content. Then you’ll create one central hub that makes selling as efficient as possible.

What Makes You the Most Money as a Sales Team?

There are lots of things enterprise sales teams do every day, and only some of them are actually useful.

Your most valuable selling motions are the core strategies and tasks that lead you from research to first contact – and then from first contact to close.

The goal of a sales team is to find those activities and streamline how they can put them in motion. By streamline, we mean “make as easy and fluid as possible to use.” That’s really why CRMs were originally created.

A combination of data analysis and prior experience can lead you to these insights, these fundamental building blocks of your sales process. Whatever form it takes, having one is incredibly important. Why? Because the most successful teams win big deals by replicating what works and scaling up their selling – two things that can only be done when you’ve mapped out your selling motions.

It’s not enough to just have these processes on paper, though. You need the right tools that let your reps take action. And, they need to be:

  • Easily accessible (your team doesn’t have to visit too many places on a day-to-day basis)
  • Shareable between different reps and team members (to allow for communication and collaboration)
  • Simple to use (to save time and avoid over-complicating your processes)

That’s where Salesforce comes in.

What a CRM Needs to Be Your Sales Command Center

You can build an effective sales process – including identifying the right prospects, researching their needs, qualifying them, following up with new leads, closing deals, and measuring success – using only Salesforce (and the right native apps).

Some users may disagree. If you’ve tried to take advantage of proven methods like account planning and revenue optimization, you could argue that those functions aren’t built into Salesforce’s core features.

And yet, you need to leverage your data to find decision-makers, get to them quickly and efficiently, educate and nurture them with the right content, and coordinate with the rest of the team on a clear path to close.

Fortunately, Salesforce makes it easy to bring those motions into your CRM, through the use of native, third-party apps. 

Native apps work seamlessly within Salesforce – without the hassle and cost of messy third-party integrations.

The apps that represent the most valuable selling motions include programs that let you take full advantage of account planning, relationship mapping, opportunity analysis, cross-sell and up-sell analysis, and digital content management. Having these apps in one place saves time (and money). It also ensures they all work well with each other. For example, you can use the same info and data throughout your entire sales infrastructure. Plus, you can collaborate and communicate much more smoothly with your team.

Salesforce is a very powerful tool, especially once upgraded. Enterprise sales teams who want to consistently win at the highest levels need a CRM that unites all of your most valuable sales practices under one roof.

See how you can keep your most lucrative selling motions inside Salesforce by watching a quick demo.

Posted On
November 19, 2021
Resource Type
Account-Based Selling