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"ACE has made a huge impact on accessing and sending content for us. In the past, we really struggled with having marketing content in so many different places. ACE has been the perfect solution for us to organize all of our content into one central place that is easy for our sales team to access."
Howard Capital Management
Leah McKinstry, Executive Administrator
"Prolifiq has provided much needed structure to our growing key account management initiative. CRUSH as a tool, it provides great insight in a central area for Key Account Management."
Cadence, Inc.
Chip Harvill, Vice President
"It was impressive just how quickly the team became productive with CRUSH. Within days, our sales team identified millions of dollars in new opportunities within their strategic accounts."
Jamil Dewji, Director of Sales Operations
"The Prolifiq team was incredibly responsive and receptive to not just understanding our needs, but also delivering on what was promised."
Caitlin Hayes, Director of Sales Operations