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"We were immediately taken by the fact that it was a common user interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and the ability to see the relationships and buying power as well as identify white space were just a few of the features that drove us to choose Prolifiq CRUSH."
Brent Mellow, CEO
"The PROLIFIQ Relationship Map allows you to easily visualize and track relationships at both prospects and active client accounts. From basic contact info, to relationship strength, to mapping sales paths, this tool will prove useful for any organization!"
Beacon Health Options
Tom Gaffney, Manager of Corporate Strategy
"We quickly identified that Prolifiq would work with us lockstep to understand our business challenges and how to use ACE to help us move forward with managing out marketing content. They helped us come up with solutions to serve up the right content at the right time for our sales reps."
Mandy Febus, VP of Customer Engagement and CRM Operations
"Easy to use, great interface and one of the best customer support I’ve experienced. The PROLIFIQ Relationship map allows you to easily track and develop account and opportunities to assure the best relationship with your clients. Highly recommend this app for managing your strategic accounts."
Freddy Olano, Head of Inside Sales
"With CRUSH, everything we need to execute account strategy is at our fingertips."
Chris Majoros, Vice President, Client Development
"We’re able to break down silos and have the entire scope of key account opportunities become transparent across our entire global sales team."
Circus Street
Kristy Houtman, General Manager
"Our execs were wowed with the level of sales-opportunity information we were able to show about each of our key customers. Without CRUSH, we wouldn’t have been able to do this."
Field Nation
Scott Larson, VP of Account Management
"ACE has made a huge impact on accessing and sending content for us. In the past, we really struggled with having marketing content in so many different places. ACE has been the perfect solution for us to organize all of our content into one central place that is easy for our sales team to access."
Howard Capital Management
Leah McKinstry, Executive Administrator