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"The team is jazzed, to say the least as it gives visibility into all cross-sell opportunities and an unprecedented level of intelligence into the next best actions at an account based on the propensity to buy. With that – we have already launched a couple of competitive take-away campaigns and after 6 business days, they are already the most successful customer campaigns we have ever run. We are super excited about Prolifiq & and the whitespace management process we rolled out as it gives us a much-needed foundation around how we upsell / cross-sell our existing customers".
Nick Ludy, Vice President, Strategy & Operations
Prolifiq is the single best way of mapping out your key accounts and decision-makers so that your GTM team is engaging the right people, with the right message on a consistent basis to drive efficiency and revenue.
Joao Almeida , Commercial Strategy and Operations Manager
"We have been able to establish our account-based selling strategy and tactics, and we've enhanced our collaboration with other departments, thanks to our ability to articulate a coherent account plan. Account selling is a team sport and CRUSH has enhanced our ability to capture major accounts."
Julian Barrios, VP of Sales and Channel Management
"We were immediately taken by the fact that it was a common user interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and the ability to see the relationships and buying power as well as identify white space were just a few of the features that drove us to choose Prolifiq CRUSH."
Brent Mellow, CEO
"The PROLIFIQ Relationship Map allows you to easily visualize and track relationships at both prospects and active client accounts. From basic contact info, to relationship strength, to mapping sales paths, this tool will prove useful for any organization!"
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Tom Gaffney, Manager of Corporate Strategy
"We quickly identified that Prolifiq would work with us lockstep to understand our business challenges and how to use ACE to help us move forward with managing out marketing content. They helped us come up with solutions to serve up the right content at the right time for our sales reps."
Mandy Febus, VP of Customer Engagement and CRM Operations
"Easy to use, great interface and one of the best customer support I’ve experienced. The PROLIFIQ Relationship map allows you to easily track and develop account and opportunities to assure the best relationship with your clients. Highly recommend this app for managing your strategic accounts."
Freddy Olano, Head of Inside Sales
"With CRUSH, everything we need to execute account strategy is at our fingertips."
Chris Majoros, Vice President, Client Development