The tool helping you proactively account plan in Salesforce, your source of truth when closing deals.

Native Salesforce Account Planning and Opportunity Management

Account planning drives strategy + collaboration inside Salesforce, leading to a consistent process among reps to win, retain, and grow your key accounts.

CRUSH Features

No CRM is complete without an account planning and opportunity planning tool that has the capabilities every sales team needs.


Help reps identify and engage the right people at the right accounts. Make it easy for managers to understand who is who within an account and guide the steps needed to build support across multiple stakeholders.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Discover the white space in an account - the best opportunities for new business growth - so you can prioritize and plan your approach.

Customer Stories

Prolifiq is the single best way of mapping out your key accounts and decision-makers so that your GTM team is engaging the right people, with the right message on a consistent basis to drive efficiency and revenue.
Joao Almeida , Commercial Strategy and Operations Manager
Customer Stories

Essential Guide to Key Account Management

Fearless sales and marketing leaders use key account management to drive sales velocity and boost performance, natively in Salesforce.

Rethink Your Strategy: Sales Playbook

Learn how to create the perfect playbook via team-based selling, synching goals and powering up with key account management.

CRUSH Pricing

Cost effective with a big return on investment.