Grow your business up and to the right with your customers.

Native Salesforce Key Account Management and Revenue Optimization

Revenue optimization is the new way to manage key accounts. Flexible to any selling methodology, leverage your Salesforce data to identify and close tops accounts as a team in record time.

CRUSH Features

No CRM is complete without a key account management and opportunity planning tool that has the capabilities that every sales team needs.


Visualize stakeholder hierarchy and influence with an account plan to know who’s who and how to reach them - faster and more confidently than the competition.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Discover the white space in an account - the best opportunities for new business growth - so you can prioritize and plan your approach.

Customer Stories

"Prolifiq has provided much needed structure to our growing key account management initiative. CRUSH as a tool, it provides great insight in a central area for Key Account Management."
Cadence, Inc.
Chip Harvill, Salesforce Admin
Customer Stories

Essential Guide to Key Account Management

Fearless sales and marketing leaders use key account management to drive sales velocity and boost performance, natively in Salesforce.

Rethink Your Strategy: Sales Playbook

Learn how to create the perfect playbook via team-based selling, synching goals and powering up with key account management.

CRUSH Pricing

Cost effective with a big return on investment.