CRUSH Features

No CRM is complete without an account planning and opportunity planning tool that has the capabilities every sales team needs.


Visualize stakeholder hierarchy and influence like an insider. Find champions and build consensus while avoiding blockers who just waste time and get in the way. Pinpoint key stakeholders with unmatched precision using the most user-friendly interface in the industry.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Uncover the full revenue potential of a key account by exploring the white space: the uncharted territory of opportunities for your product and service lines across business units. Use this insight to prioritize the best opportunities for growth and pick your next targets.

Influence Charting

Capture and analyze critical intel about key influencers - their interest, influence, and support - in real time, through an interface anyone can use well. Know who you need to know and how to get them on your side, and they’ll do most of the selling for you.

Sales Methodology Optimization

Quickly visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to improve growth strategies and tactics. Let the system take your data and show you how your sales strategy can be streamlined and improved.

Team Tasks

Create key dates and tasks specific to account plan objectives so your entire team is aligned. Keep sales reps on target, on time, and on track toward quota.

Get Analytical

Use native Salesforce reports and dashboards to track progress and revenue optimization within your teams. Give your CRM the brain power to not just analyze the data but illuminate the insights.

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The Prolifiq Success Team is Your Trusted Sales Enablement Partner

We work closely with you through personalized business onboarding to meet your goals and priorities, and technical onboarding to ensure your Salesforce Administrator is fully enabled to hit the ground running.

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CRUSH Pricing

Cost effective with a big return on investment.