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Return to Work Safely with Contact Tracing

Draw on the power of the Salesforce platform to mitigate the impact of coronavirus by leveraging the industry-leading CRM platform, helping organizations identify risks, safeguard workforces and manage disruptions to their operations. The secure solution also protects individual privacy and business continuity to remove risk from the return-to-work phase of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Contact Tracing Map

Includes the most advanced relationship map on the Salesforce platform.

Contact Tracing Dashboard

Features real-time status and complete audit reporting.

Contact Tracing Alerts

Provides urgent notices to key contacts and decision makers.

Salesforce Security

Incorporates robust security and privacy capabilities.

Salesforce Scalablity

Supports the unique needs of all organizations, languages and locations.

Contact Tracing for Your Trusted Salesforce Platform

PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP to drives an essential shift for corporate, government and healthcare organizations to more safely return people to work with a fast, accurate and cost-effective approach that safeguards information security and individual privacy.

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Unlock Contact Tracing

Leveraging the unique power of the Salesforce platform, RELATIONSHIP MAP for Contact Tracing is ready to support the unique needs of companies, agencies, cities, states and entire countries. Here are the highlights.

  • Visualize Contact Tracing. Capture and examin who employees are exposed to with org charts, team grouping, and interaction tracking. 
  • Keep Employees Updated. Provide comprehensive information in a timely manner with notifications and reduct liability through audit trails and compliance reports.
  • Coordinate through Salesforce to Compliment Salesforce. Complement existing manual contact tracing and reduce costs by leveraging the unique power of the Salesforce platform.
I Highly Recommend This Tool

This tool is so easy to use and we love that it seamlessly integrated with our Salesforce instance. Our team loves the relationship map and key stakeholders features. And, as an admin, I love how easily we can customize it according to our business needs.


Great Sales Tool, Easy for Users to Use and Understand

The stakeholders section is invaluable because you can create an org chart for your contacts as well as add unrelated contacts that are centers of influence to it.”