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Account Planning

Sales Strategy – Three Elements Of Planning

The Pain of Static Account Planning Andy Keehn, Seth Killian, and Camela Thompson dove deep into the three core facets of planning. From territories to opportunities and accounts, everyone that is part of driving revenue in a business touches these plans. Traditional account planning systems that rely on manual, siloed spreadsheets and documents make it…


Prolifiq’s Summer ’22 Release

Based on how hot it is outside right now, summer is definitely here – but it’s not the only thing heating up. We recently launched our Summer ‘22 Updates, one of three that we do each year to ensure a seamless experience for our Salesforce customers. These updates coincide with Salesforce’s own releases. If Salesforce…


Summer ‘21 Product Release

Sales pros need to move fast. They need shorter sales cycles, more efficient processes, and shortcuts to key stakeholders.  Every sales organization needs a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can fulfill these needs. At Prolifiq, we’ve built our reputation on building sales enablement platforms that give your CRM ROI faster than before. Simply put,…


How COVID-19 Has Altered B2B Sales for the Better

The phrases “COVID-19” and “better” don’t usually belong in the same sentence. A world-changing pandemic and improvement? The thought sounds nonsensical, and for most concepts, it is. But the world of B2B sales has actually improved as a result of the pandemic and the distance-based remote selling environment it forced upon the industry. “Exactly how…


5 Ways to Increase Salesforce Adoption for Your Sales Team

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM for sales teams who need the power of a comprehensive platform.  But as with any product, even Salesforce can’t help a team that doesn’t use it. In other words, low adoption rates among users can turn an effective tool into a wasted resource.  Sales leaders would like to think…


Salesforce for Marketers: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Marketers – don’t let the sales in Salesforce deter you. Explore the benefits, challenges, and solutions of Salesforce for marketers.


Summer ‘20 Release – Product Update

It’s summertime, and the living’s about to get easier with PROLIFIQ’s Summer ‘20 Release! Check out what’s new for our suite of native Salesforce apps.