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Account Mapping in B2B: Turn Relationships Into Revenue

The Importance Of An Account Map If 2023 taught us anything, it was that the days of spraying, praying, and spending recklessly are over. It’s important for everyone who has a role aligned with revenue to be in sync with key accounts, relevant stakeholders, 1-2 key decision makers, and the relationships that have been forged….

Relationship Mapping

Stakeholder Analysis: Engage Key Stakeholders

Introduction – Stakeholder Analysis Managing mid-market and enterprise accounts largely comes down to understanding and effectively managing stakeholders. This comprehensive guide delves into the different aspects of stakeholder analysis, providing the steps you can take to identify these people, tools, and real-world examples to empower project managers and teams so that you’re able to win,…

Relationship Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping Template

Stakeholder Mapping in 2024 In 2024, getting wider in accounts with consistent stakeholder mapping is important and is a vested interest for sales teams. More internal and external stakeholders are involved in sales cycles, and more eyeballs are scrutinizing spend and the return on your investments. The team’s success hinges on understanding and effectively engaging…

Relationship Mapping

Prolifiq & 30MPC: 9 Tactics For Multi-Threading In Deals

  Why is this worth your time?  It’s one thing to figure out who you need to engage and begin a multi-threaded sales approach. It’s another to get access to them & build relationships to the point where they’re willing to advocate and be a champion for you. We break all of this down in…

Account Planning

Why You Should Walk Away from Quarterly Business Reviews

QBRs and Salespeople: The Key to True Customer Success and Growth   There are certain truths to life that cannot be disputed. The sky is blue, tigers are striped, and salespeople absolutely despise quarterly business reviews. A quarterly business review is typically an event that takes place over the span of a few days to…

Relationship Mapping

5 Features of an Effective Relationship Mapping Tool

Recent studies show that 85% of businesses attribute an increase in growth to key account management and relationship mapping efforts. If you’re looking to improve your company’s bottom line, a good place to start is by investing in a quality relationship map tool. This checklist will help you make the best possible purchasing decision for…

Account Planning

How to Better Align Sellers and Leadership

Alignment Plays Into Success   As a seller, your ultimate goal every month or quarter is to hit your quota. When that happens, not only does your team benefit but typically so do you and your family through commission and accelerators. The same can be said about sales leaders, where you don’t typically have quotas…

Relationship Mapping

How to Measure the ROI of Relationship Mapping

Documenting and mapping out key stakeholders is a critical part of your sales process. It enables alignment between cross-functional teams, allowing them to better strategize on maximizing the impact of the account on your business. But oftentimes, higher-ups ask us, “What’s the ROI of building out these relationship maps?” That’s a fair question, and we’re…