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Take Your Content Management in Salesforce to the Next Level

Ever read a great book you just couldn’t put down? That changed your life? That had to be read? You probably wanted to share it with your friends and family and shout its virtue from the rooftops. A great book will do that. Imagine, though, that this book was almost impossible to find. Libraries don’t…

Digital Content Management

How Sales and Marketing Alignment Can Boost Your Revenue

Sales and marketing need each other.  Can you imagine peanut butter without jelly? Jordan without Pippen? Rhode without Island?  Far too often, though, sales and marketing teams are at odds with each other. This kind of mindset is what keeps so many organizations from maximizing revenue. In truth, only when you align sales with marketing…

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Breaking the Ice with Customers in the Winter ‘21 Release

PROLIFIQ announces their Winter ’21 Release which includes the launch of the PROLIFIQ SUCCESS COMMUNITY, as well as updates for the suite of native Salesforce sales enablement apps.

Digital Content Management

10 Types of Digital Sales Content Your Team Needs Right Now

Entire workforces are still working remotely, so empower your sales team with these 10 types of digital sales content right now.

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PROLIFIQ Response to COVID-19

Together, we can partner to come out the other side of this pandemic and associated economic crisis stronger than ever and ready to thrive once again.

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Introducing PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP – Native Salesforce Org Chart and Hierarchy Map

PROLIFIQ announces the launch of their new product, PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP, a native Salesforce org chart and hierarchy map app.

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Business is Blooming with the PROLIFIQ Suite Spring ‘20 Release

The PROLIFIQ Spring ‘20 Release is packed with features to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams flourish more than ever before.

Account-Based Selling

Why Sales Content Management Matters

Sales content management can have a huge impact on your sales team’s success. Here are four reasons sales content management matters for your company.