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Account-Based Selling

Account Mapping in B2B: Turn Relationships Into Revenue

The Importance Of An Account Map If 2023 taught us anything, it was that the days of spraying, praying, and spending recklessly are over. It’s important for everyone who has a role aligned with revenue to be in sync with key accounts, relevant stakeholders, 1-2 key decision makers, and the relationships that have been forged….

Account Planning

How To Build An Account Management Strategy

Where To Start In the complex world of B2B sales and account management, success hinges on the ability to develop and execute a robust strategy. We’ll walk through the key components of building an effective account management strategy that drives revenue, customer retention, and loyalty. Whether you’re part of the support team, count managers, or…

Account Planning

Account Planning Best Practices

Account Planning Best Practices Sales account planning is a critical aspect of any business that seeks to manage its customers effectively and generate more revenue. An action plan that outlines the sales account planning process is crucial for any company that wants to succeed. Mostly in growing and closing large enterprise accounts. The goal of…

Account Planning

Why Key Account Management Should Be a Priority

Key Account Management Strategy  If you want customers to renew, strong key account management skills are needed. If you want to run a successful B2B business, it should be focused on acquiring important clients and growing the number of users or products inside those key accounts. This is typically done through something called key account…

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Defining and Executing Opportunity Management

Prioritize The Right People And The Right Deals For B2B sales teams, a sales cycle is the lifeblood of their business. The lights go off if there aren’t any paying customers. From the initial contact to closing the deal and beyond, having a good grasp of the sales funnel, common trends is crucial. Why isn’t…

Account Planning

The Importance of Sales to CS Handoff

Defining a Sales Handoff The business model for many B2B Saas companies involves customer growth through account planning. While acquiring new business is always important, sometimes it’s over-emphasized when talking about a go-to-market strategy. In fact, most Saas companies get the majority of their revenue from existing customers. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be a top…

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Salesforce Team Selling

Salesforce Opportunity Teams:   Opportunity teams, new-logo teams, or however you identify the people responsible for winning new or expansion business in Salesforce are powerful features that allow sales reps to collaborate and share information about sales opportunities. The opportunity team in Salesforce typically consists opportunity team of a variety of different roles, such as…

Account Planning

Keys to Retain and Expand Your Top Accounts in 2023

Even though it’s probably the last thing any seller or sales leader wants to think about right now, the end of 2022 is rapidly approaching. The next few months will determine if quotas are hit and if enough pipeline is generated to ensure a strong beginning of the year. With a recession looming over the…