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Account-Based Selling

3 Account-Based Selling Strategies Every Sales Team Should Implement

Lou Holtz, the legendary, always-quotable, football coach, once said, “On this team, we’re all united in a common goal: to keep my job.” Joking aside, Holtz didn’t win championships and awards without the help of a team working as one, combining different talents and abilities into a well-oiled machine and reading from the same playbook…

Account-Based Selling

The 4 Biggest Reasons Why Key Account Management Is Critical

Bigger isn’t always better; but in sales, it usually is. Every sales team wants bigger, more lucrative deals that help them retire quota faster and generate larger commission checks. But the larger the deal size, and the more lucrative the account, the more complex the selling process becomes.  Key account management (also known as account-based…

Account-Based Marketing

Pros and Cons of Account-Based Selling | Is It Right for You?

Michael Porter, a venerated professor at Harvard Business School, once wrote: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” In other words, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Knowing the difference can cause a sales department to sink or swim. In the wild, wild world of B2B sales strategies,…

Account Planning

The Secret Weapon You Need to Scale Existing Enterprise Accounts

Landing a major enterprise account is a terrific achievement. And not just because of how complex the sales process is, but also because of how much opportunity enterprise accounts have for growth. Scaling an enterprise account is one of the best ways for a sales team to smash quota – far beyond just the next…

Account Planning

Breaking the Ice with Customers in the Winter ‘21 Release

PROLIFIQ announces their Winter ’21 Release which includes the launch of the PROLIFIQ SUCCESS COMMUNITY, as well as updates for the suite of native Salesforce sales enablement apps.

Account Planning

White Space in Business: 4 Things You Should Know

Don’t let the thought of analyzing the white space in a business overwhelm you. Understanding these 4 things will help you face it head-on.