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Account Planning Best Practices

Account Planning Best Practices Sales account planning is a critical aspect of any business that seeks to manage its customers effectively and generate more revenue. An action plan that outlines the sales account planning process is crucial for any company that wants to succeed. Mostly in growing and closing large enterprise accounts. The goal of…

Account Planning

Why Key Account Management Should Be a Priority

Introduction It’s the week after Valentine’s Day, when many of us took our partner or someone special to us out for a nice dinner. Living in Chicago, we like to constantly try new restaurants to find new favorites. It dawned on me the striking simplicity parallel to B2B selling. If you want customers to renew,…

Account Planning

Defining and Executing Opportunity Management

Prioritize The Right People And The Right Deals   For B2B sales teams, a sales cycle is the lifeblood of their business. The lights go off if there aren’t any paying customers. From the initial contact to closing the deal and beyond, having a good grasp of the sales funnel, common trends in pipeline not…

Account Planning

The Importance of Sales to CS Handoff

Defining a Sales Handoff The business model for many B2B Saas companies involves customer growth. While acquiring new business is always important, sometimes it’s over-emphasized when talking about a go-to-market strategy. In fact, most Saas companies get the majority of their revenue from existing customers. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be a top priority for businesses….

Account Planning

Salesforce Team Selling

Salesforce Opportunity Teams:   Opportunity teams, new-logo teams, or however you identify the people responsible for winning new or expansion business in Salesforce are powerful features that allow sales reps to collaborate and share information about sales opportunities. The opportunity team in Salesforce typically consists opportunity team of a variety of different roles, such as…

Account Planning

Keys to Retain and Expand Your Top Accounts in 2023

Even though it’s probably the last thing any seller or sales leader wants to think about right now, the end of 2022 is rapidly approaching. The next few months will determine if quotas are hit and if enough pipeline is generated to ensure a strong beginning of the year. With a recession looming over the…

Account-Based Selling

Boosting CRM Adoption for Manufacturing Sales Teams

Manufacturing sales reps and sales leaders build their business and pipeline through relationships, historically. Documenting the critical information of who you engage with typically lives in business cards, spreadsheets, sticky notes, or whiteboards. But what about your CRM? Humans are adverse to change, and driving CRM Adoption for Manufacturing Sales Teams is no different. However,…

Account Planning

How to Identify Your Top Accounts to Upsell in Q1

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In sales, though, a bird in the hand can be worth way more than that – because after all, growing a current account is a lot easier and more efficient than landing a new one.  If you can identify just one possible upsell opportunity…