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What Is Opportunity Planning? Use It to Reduce Your Sales Cycle by 25%

In sales, opportunities don’t just fall from the sky.  It’d be great if they did. You wouldn’t even need an umbrella, just a big bank account. But real life has a nasty habit of being harder than we want it to be. If you want opportunities, you have to build a plan to get them….

Account-Based Marketing

Pros and Cons of Account-Based Selling | Is It Right for You?

Michael Porter, a venerated professor at Harvard Business School, once wrote: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” In other words, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Knowing the difference can cause a sales department to sink or swim. In the wild, wild world of B2B sales strategies,…

Account Planning

Breaking the Ice with Customers in the Winter ‘21 Release

PROLIFIQ announces their Winter ’21 Release which includes the launch of the PROLIFIQ SUCCESS COMMUNITY, as well as updates for the suite of native Salesforce sales enablement apps.

Account Planning

PROLIFIQ Response to COVID-19

Together, we can partner to come out the other side of this pandemic and associated economic crisis stronger than ever and ready to thrive once again.

Account Planning

Introducing PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP – Native Salesforce Org Chart and Hierarchy Map

PROLIFIQ announces the launch of their new product, PROLIFIQ RELATIONSHIP MAP, a native Salesforce org chart and hierarchy map app.

Account Planning

Business is Blooming with the PROLIFIQ Suite Spring ‘20 Release

The PROLIFIQ Spring ‘20 Release is packed with features to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams flourish more than ever before.

Account Planning

5 Things to Do the Night Before Dreamforce

Before you hit the hay on Dreamforce Eve, make sure you’ve checked this list twice! Here are 5 things to do the night before Dreamforce so you can survive.

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How to Pack for Your Dreamforce Survival

Dreamforce is around the corner so make sure you pack like a pro. Here are things to pack to survive the week and what to bring for day to day onsite.