Prolifiq launches CRUSH-for-Slack Powered by Centro

Partnership enhances the rollout of account planning and bringing strategic account execution to life with seamless collaboration through Slack and Salesforce

Beaverton, OR, January 6th, 2022    Prolifiq Software Inc., a leader in sales enablement and revenue optimization technology, has partnered with Centro to enhance how account planning is executed through Slack, Prolifiq CRUSH and Salesforce. 

“We look forward to leveraging our partner, Centro, to change the way that a seamless integration of Slack and Prolifiq CRUSH can help take account planning and execution of those strategies to the next level with our customers.  For any B2B selling organization leveraging Salesforce and Slack, this will innovate team account planning and account execution through collaboration,” said Eddie Hanson, President of Prolifiq. “Centro’s extensive experience and knowledge of Salesforce and Slack will be a huge benefit for Prolifiq customers moving forward.”

“There are vast possibilities when you let yourself explore account planning and execution at the speed of Slack – we are excited about this partnership with Prolifiq CRUSH” Ryan Hitchler, CEO and Co-Founder of Centro. “We made some very important architectural decisions around Centro in the early days – notably, committing to 100% native Slack and Salesforce Integration.  As Slack accelerates how we communicate, Salesforce ISV Partners need ways to help their customers capitalize on these new efficiencies. This partnership embodies that mission – triggered Account Plan notifications to Slack Channels, update Account Plans from Slack, mobilize your entire team around key dates and account objectives, and link Slack communication back to Salesforce. This partnership is will enable sales teams to move from account planning to account execution in a real way.”

About Centro
Centro creates innovative and advanced Salesforce and Slack integrations. Founded by experts in the CRM space in early 2020, Centro aims to bring the structured nature of Salesforce to the conversational space of Slack, all while bringing customers communications together. Centro helps sales teams close deals faster, service teams delight their customers, and more with intuitive interfaces and automations. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. 

About Prolifiq

Prolifiq is the leading, 100% native Salesforce revenue optimization solution, helping sales teams win more deals through structured account management and opportunity planning. Prolifiq has a mission of helping organizations improve their Salesforce adoption and reaching their revenue goals. For more information visit: