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Account Planning

Prolifiq Launches Crush-for-Slack Connector Powered by Centro

Partnership enhances the rollout of account planning and bringing strategic account execution to life with seamless collaboration through Slack and Salesforce Beaverton, OR, January 6th, 2022    Prolifiq Software Inc., a leader in sales enablement and revenue optimization technology, has partnered with Centro to enhance how account planning is executed through Slack, Prolifiq CRUSH and…

Sales Enablement

Sales Leaders: How to Keep Your Top Reps in 2022

If there’s one thing 2021 taught us about the job market, it’s this: Things move quickly, and companies that aren’t ready are getting left behind. This year is shaping up to be even more of the same. Right out of the gate, it’s going to be harder and more expensive to retain top sales reps,…

Account-Based Marketing

Here’s What Sales Enablement Leaders Should Prioritize in 2022

The New Year looms ahead like a massive tidal wave, ready to crash on the shore. Sales enablement leaders have the chance to push ahead of the competition, because – let’s face it – we’ve all struggled in one way or another to adapt to the new world of hybrid sales. If you can focus…

Account Planning

How to Identify Your Top Accounts to Upsell in Q1

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In sales, though, a bird in the hand can be worth way more than that – because after all, growing a current account is a lot easier and more efficient than landing a new one.  If you can identify just one possible upsell opportunity…

Relationship Mapping

Top Lessons Sales Reps Can’t Ignore

Sales professionals need two things: easy-to-use sales tools and the knowledge and experience to succeed at their job, no matter what surprises an account throws their way. Tools you can buy, but experience and fast thinking on your feet is something that comes with time – and sometimes that means learning the hard way. If…

Account-Based Selling

You Should Keep Your Selling Motions Inside Salesforce

For enterprise sales teams looking to tackle major accounts, there’s no more valuable sales tool than your Salesforce CRM. But too many teams put too much of their selling process outside of Salesforce. The result is often a more complicated, confusing, and inefficient process that can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated sales reps. Simply…

Account Planning

3 Tips on Opportunity Planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail. That saying doesn’t just apply to trekking through the wilderness or leading a military campaign; it applies to sales – specifically, what steps in opportunity planning that you’re taking. If you’re not familiar, opportunity planning is what top sales reps do to strategize how they’ll find, qualify, pursue, and…

Account Planning

What Is Opportunity Planning?

In sales, opportunities don’t just fall from the sky.  It’d be great if they did. You wouldn’t even need an umbrella, just a big bank account. But real life has a nasty habit of being harder than we want it to be. If you want opportunities, you have to build a plan to get them….