Key Account Management Software

Simplify Managing & Growing Key Accounts

Help your account management team uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities within the accounts that are most likely to spend more

    Why Customers Turn To Prolifiq

    B2B companies and businesses manage to turn to tools like key account management software for a multitude of reasons. Generally, a customer relationship management tool isn’t used as the single source of truth to drive strategy and execution. Account management strategy and needs have changed, plans are built in slide decks or spreadsheets and aren’t consistently updated to drive action on sales leads, accountability, visibility, sales pipeline, and revenue.

    The goal is to retain your existing clients and customers and grow them. The best account management software helps do just that. Here are the 3-4 most common challenges that implicate it’s time to check into a tool to manage accounts:


    You’re building QBRs or working on key account planning in slide decks, spreadsheets, One Notes, you name it. You’re duplicating information input between your CRM and other locations, and more often than not, the information becomes outdated, stale, and… in some cases isn’t easily accessible or visible to other team members. Handing off accounts from sales to support or transitioning accounts is a mess. Client management tools help support teams handle customer interaction and management of key accounts.


    There aren’t visuals of the key stakeholders and buying path for a sales team. It’s difficult for sales reps to tell who the internal supporters and champions are, where you’re single-threaded, and where you have gaps in your accounts or opportunities. Understanding who is who within your most valuable customers is difficult, but our drag and drop functionality makes it simple.


    Uncovering white space and quick wins within customer accounts is a siloed, inconsistent process. There’s no clear-cut way for the team to understand where the best opportunities are, which stakeholders to engage, and the path to revenue in existing clients and customer accounts.

    It’s easy to miss minor details that can be the difference in hitting a sales number or growing a key customer. Turn your CRM into a single source of truth that helps structure and organize everything that goes into selling a new customer and expanding that account.

      Maximize Sales Success with Key Account Management Software Tools

      In today’s landscape, key account management software has become a critical tool for account managers and sales teams looking to improve their account management process. By streamlining workflows, providing actionable takeaways, and fostering collaboration, this software empowers businesses to nurture key accounts, drive growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. When choosing the best account management software for your business, consider factors such as integration capabilities, customization options, user-friendliness, security measures, and customer support.

      Protect Investments and Improve Accountability at the Same Time

      Account management software is designed to grow revenue, make certain tasks simpler, and automate various aspects of management. These software solutions can be used interchangeably with account planning tools and offer a wide range of features that empower sales and account management teams to get more out of their account management processes and drive better results. Some key features of account management software include:

      Key Stakeholder Mapping

      Key account management software should offer the ability to visually and dynamically map out decision makers, and the individuals that your team has engaged over time, and should provide a clear understanding of who is generally helping you with the initiative. Segment who is more neutral, and where you might need to bring other resources in to help with blockers. How you document this will depend on your sales processes and approach to lead management.

      Reporting and Analytics

      Any tool should generate comprehensive reports and analytics, offering valuable insights into key account performance, revenue trends, product usage, and more account information. Account managers have information that enables proactive outreach against your most important customers. This could be reports or dashboards within your CRM as well.

      Whitespace analysis of customer accounts

      Depending on the key account management structure and sales team initiatives, understanding where there are opportunities to grow revenue in your most important accounts is a staple of any key account management tool. Having clear visuals of your clients, the stakeholders in different business units, and the current products or services that you need to work to replace are capabilities needed for a growing business.

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

      Integration with existing CRM systems enables a seamless flow of customer data, allowing businesses to maintain a comprehensive view of their key accounts. Prolifiq’s tool integrates with Slack, allowing users to work out of Salesforce or Slack to update plans! You can communicate with your customers in Slack to improve customer retention as well.

      Clean Up Sales Data and Streamline Processes

      Poor data hygiene and complicated and unclear processes are the bane of sales ops and enablement pros everywhere. With Prolifiq’s
      account management software, you can have one source of account data truth and make vital selling motions that boost sales much easier to follow for your existing accounts.

      Make Your Sellers More Productive and Efficient Than Ever

      By eliminating disparate systems and bringing sales motions back
      into Salesforce, sales teams, and sales enablement leaders can drive up productivity by as much as 25% through CRUSH and RELATIONSHIP MAP – and prove it to leadership. Account management software helps drive accountability, visibility into account tasks and milestone progress, and makes it simple for your team to identify expansion opportunities across your strategic account clients.