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Account Planning

2024 State Of Account Planning: Survey Results

The State of Account Planning in 2024 2023 was a challenging year for go-to-market teams. With economic uncertainty, slowing growth, and more scrutiny on every purchase, many teams struggled to close deals and retain accounts. To better understand how teams are adapting to this new environment, we surveyed over 250 professionals across sales, customer success,…

Sales Enablement

The 2024 Guide to Nailing Sales Territory Planning

Getting Started With 2024 Sales Territory Plans Territory planning is one of the most important actions sales leaders take in 2024. Defining which regions and geographies reps will focus on. Drilling down into specific industries within those areas, and assigning the reps with specific skill sets or experience based on that process is oftentimes done…

Account-Based Selling

Account Mapping in B2B: Turn Relationships Into Revenue

The Importance Of An Account Map If 2023 taught us anything, it was that the days of spraying, praying, and spending recklessly are over. It’s important for everyone who has a role aligned with revenue to be in sync with key accounts, the stakeholders, 1-2 key decision makers, and the relationships that have been forged….

Relationship Mapping

Stakeholder Analysis: Engage Key Stakeholders

Introduction – Stakeholder Analysis Managing mid-market and enterprise accounts largely comes down to understanding and effectively managing stakeholders. This comprehensive guide delves into the different aspects of stakeholder analysis, providing the steps you can take to identify these people, tools, and real-world examples to empower project managers and teams so that you’re able to win,…

Account Planning

How To Build An Account Management Strategy

Where To Start In the complex world of B2B sales and account management, success hinges on the ability to develop and execute a robust strategy. We’ll walk through the key components of building an effective account management strategy that drives revenue, customer retention, and loyalty. Whether you’re part of the support team, count managers, or…

Sales Enablement

Three Strategies Rev Ops Can Use To Grow Key Accounts

The Role of Revenue Operations in Growing The Business Revenue operations professionals play a pivotal role in connecting the dots in an organization, between people, processes, strategy, reporting, and more. They analyze critical data and metrics to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies that drive revenue growth from pre-purchase through the expansion of customer…

Account Planning

How to Build a Land and Expand Strategy

Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of B2B sales, adopting innovative strategies is essential for sustained growth and profitability. One such strategy gaining popularity among sales and customer success leaders is the “land and expand” approach with key account management software. This method focuses on acquiring new customers while simultaneously nurturing existing accounts to drive expansion…

Relationship Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping Template

Stakeholder Mapping in 2024 In 2024, getting wider in accounts with consistent stakeholder mapping is important and is a vested interest for sales teams. More internal and external stakeholders are involved in sales cycles, and more eyeballs are scrutinizing spend and the return on your investments. The team’s success hinges on understanding and effectively engaging…