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Account Planning

What Is Opportunity Planning? Use It to Reduce Your Sales Cycle by 25%

In sales, opportunities don’t just fall from the sky.  It’d be great if they did. You wouldn’t even need an umbrella, just a big bank account. But real life has a nasty habit of being harder than we want it to be. If you want opportunities, you have to build a plan to get them….

Sales Enablement

Want to Hit Quota? Easy Does It – The Winter ‘22 Product Release

If you can make selling easier and sales tech simpler to use, why wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what we had in mind with our latest round of updates, all designed to make your customer relationship management (CRM) system more user-friendly without sacrificing power or functionality. That’s a tall order for most sales enablement platforms…but we’re…

Relationship Mapping

How Characters from The Office Can Help You Identify These 4 Types of Sales Prospects

Every company you sell into is full of different types of sales prospects. Some are going to be ready and willing to talk. Some are going to be the exact opposite. And some are the ones who can open closed doors to decision-makers – and deals. Want to move through an account faster and more…

Sales Enablement

5 Ways Medtech Sellers Are Dominating Their Competition

Technology is progressing at a breathtaking pace. Life-changing devices are being created every year and constantly improving. And medtech sales teams are the ones who are placing these innovative products where they can do their jobs. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American and European medtech market grew by 6.3%, and due to just how…

Digital Content Management

Take Your Content Management in Salesforce to the Next Level

Ever read a great book you just couldn’t put down? That changed your life? That had to be read? You probably wanted to share it with your friends and family and shout its virtue from the rooftops. A great book will do that. Imagine, though, that this book was almost impossible to find. Libraries don’t…

Sales Enablement

The Top 7 Enterprise Sales Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  He was referring to the thinkers who came before him and provided the inspiration and groundwork for his phenomenal contributions to humanity. (A little known Newton quote: “Make sure you hit that like and subscribe button to…

Sales Enablement

How to Use Your CRM as a Sales Training Tool

In sales, there’s often a gap between having technology and using technology to its potential. Businesses know they need to train their salespeople. They also know they need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. But few know how to bridge the gap between those two concepts: to connect training to the CRM. A CRM, though,…


Selling Fast and Furious This Summer: Prolifiq’s Post-Release Update

Based on how hot it is outside right now, summer is definitely here – but it’s not the only thing heating up. We recently launched our Summer ‘21 Updates, one of three that we do each year to ensure a seamless experience for our Salesforce customers. These updates coincide with Salesforce’s own releases. If Salesforce…