ACE Features

Designed for seamless use the way only a native Salesforce app can achieve, these digital content management features offer the functions sales and marketing teams need to educate and convince.

Recommended Content for Your Strategy

Harness the power of Salesforce to get smart content recommendations for your unique opportunities and audiences: what to send, when to send it, and who you should send it to. Eliminate the guesswork that comes with content. Provide better guidance to your sales reps and fine-tune your content machine. We recommend it.

Up-to-Date Content

Keep your sales and marketing content current with the drag-and-drop capabilities, approval workflows, smart tagging and version control, so that no one ever has to use outdated material. Customers want fresh info, and with ACE, you’ll make sure they’ll always have it.

Playlists for Every Need

Create visual playlists that organize your content for any buyer, at any stage, and for any product or service. Build your own ready-to-use content playbooks that are easy to find and even easier to use.

Get Analytical

Get real-time data insights about how your content is being used - and who is using it - so your sales and marketing teams can make smarter recommendations and investments. We’ll crunch the numbers for you. You reap the benefits.

Favorite and Featured Content

Showcase the most important content for your team and see all your favorites on the same page. Put the best-performing content at your fingertips. See it, use it, sell with it.

Native in Salesforce

Enable reps to deliver digital content tailored to the buyer journey without leaving Salesforce - no messy third-party integrations, no security issues, no hassle.

account-based selling

The Prolifiq Success Team is Your Trusted Sales Enablement Partner

We work closely with you through personalized business onboarding to meet your goals and priorities, and technical onboarding to ensure your Salesforce Administrator is fully enabled to hit the ground running.

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ACE Pricing

Cost effective with a big return on investment.