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3 Ways to Leverage Native Salesforce Apps to Reach Your Medical Device Marketing and Sales Goals

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May 16, 2019
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Account Planning

Updated May 2020

It can be hard to market and sell a medical device when customers want so much functionality, customization, and one-on-one support. This is especially true if they expect, as many do, that your product will allow them to take advantage of emerging trends in the industry such as big data, telemedicine, and commoditization.

At the same time, customers expect costs to remain low and value to remain high. In an increasingly competitive medical device marketplace, your sales and marketing teams need to take advantage of every possible tool to stand apart from the crowd, achieve customer satisfaction and growth, and avoid the worst outcome: high customer churn.

Sell, Baby, Sell

Okay, so you have a great product. But the strategies that companies take from there are usually a little fuzzy. They can involve traditional marketing and sales tactics that run the gamut from typical outbound marketing to cold calling to good, old-fashioned relationship management.

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This is all well and good, as it’s what today’s medical device marketing and sales professionals have learned from their elders before them. The problem is, everyone is doing it this way. Differentiation in your marketing and sales pipeline is crucial to the success of your business. But where do you start?

Having really great account planning for each phase of the marketing and sales process is no small feat, and getting it right can take resources.

The key is to seed collaboration, ensure fast hand-offs between team members, and execute the account planning process as efficiently and effectively as possible. Native apps on the Salesforce platform can be a great way to do all this, and in a way that preserves quality, keeps costs low, and—most important—makes team coordination and account management much more effective.

Why Native Salesforce Apps?

Here, we explore three benefits of using native Salesforce apps that may help give your marketing and sales organizations a leg up on the competition.

1. Get all your information in one place so manual process is eliminated.

When you’re planning for your accounts, do you have all the data you need? Are you sure? With a native Salesforce app, you’ll be sure that you’re not losing any key information because all the data is fully integrated with Salesforce—in fact, it’s stored in the Salesforce cloud, which means it’s all in the exact same database. Then, when you want to project customer behavior, it’ll be easier, because you’ll have all the data you need in one place.

2. Execute faster with account planning in Salesforce.

When a salesperson goes to sell your product to a potential customer, they execute discrete tasks every step of the way. However, they often spend precious time negotiating who on their team is accountable for what, especially if you don’t have a built-in system for tracking the execution of different stages of the sales process. If you’re not sure whether salesperson A or salesperson B is accountable for a specific part of the sale, you may find it arduous to negotiate accountability but be forced to do so at the risk of dropping the ball.

With a native Salesforce app, you can head off this risk by having the means of account plan execution and accountability right in the platform. That way, you can save precious time, since you’ll be able to quickly and easily manage who is accountable for what as well as the progress they are making on their goals.

3. Make accountability a breeze with next-level functionality.

There’s no mistaking that account planning for medical device sales can be complicated. In the age of Salesforce apps, however, we can confidently say: there’s an app for that.

If we look under the hood, the functionality is impressive. Account planners get everything they need to get the job done more easily. They get built-in dashboards and reports that put crucial data and insights at their fingertips, straight out of the box. The system tracks all changes, small and large so that you can go back and understand what’s been happening in your team at a granular level of detail. Equally crucial is the ability to easily export everything—making preparation for an important executive meeting that much easier. With all of this built into the native Salesforce app, you’ll wonder how you ever ensured accountability in your marketing and sales teams without it.

Put It in the Pipeline

Now, not many people are aware of the benefits that a native Salesforce app can have for their medical device marketing and sales. However, that only means that you’ll be ahead of the competition. These three benefits are just a few of those that a 100 percent native Salesforce app can bring, as you’re bound to find more, depending on your use case.

Of course, whether you realize these benefits or not depends on the other parts of your sales and marketing pipeline, too. But with the right strategy, a native Salesforce app can help you boost collaboration, improve account planning, make sure your team is accountable, and help make your sales process better and more efficient, all at the same time. Why not explore a native app today and see how it can help your sales pipeline?

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Posted On
May 16, 2019
Resource Type
Account Planning