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Six more weeks of winter may have been predicted, but Spring has come early for Prolifiq customers with the arrival of the Spring ‘21 Release! New features and enhancements are now available for Prolifiq CRUSH, Prolifiq RELATIONSHIP MAP, and Prolifiq ACE on the AppExchange. Here’s a look at what’s new.

CRUSH is a key account management app that arms sales and customer success teams with valuable account intelligence that enables them to drive business. Features have been enhanced to help users increase collaboration and identify more new selling opportunities among their existing customers, keeping reps focused on deals with more likelihood of closing as well as a shorter sales cycle.

RELATIONSHIP MAP enables sales and customer success teams to bring their contacts to life across Salesforce Sales Cloud and Quip. Users can now visualize in-depth information about a contact within an org chart. Best of all, a contact’s image can be pulled in from their social profile so you can finally start putting faces to names.

ACE is a digital content management app that enables sales and customer success reps to deliver marketing content that embraces the buyer’s journey. With additional tracking capabilities and a simplified user interface, ACE has become easier for reps to navigate so they can always find the right content at the right time to close the deal.

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