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Customer engagement is moving away from face to face meetings and toward completely digital interactions for the foreseeable future, if not forever. So how can sales teams determine customer needs, build trust, and stay top of mind? With digital content management. 

By now, most companies have a content repository for important assets. But now that entire companies are working virtually, all of that digital content will be more useful than ever. Here are four ways a digital content management tool can be used to grow engagement.

Enable Virtual Selling

With most people working from home now, virtual selling is vital to your business. Deals are being closed over the phone or via email rather than in on-site meetings. Digital content allows your sales team to extend information to customers to educate themselves, as buyers prefer to do nowadays. And with a robust digital content management tool, sales can keep track of what content is resonating and helping them progress their deals so they can identify and follow patterns of success.

Easy Sharing

Sending content is the easiest way to stay at the top of your customers’ minds. And sales professionals agree that digital content is a fundamental tool; it helps the buyer — and sales reps advance through the sales process. Yet findings in a survey last year revealed that some salespeople weren’t easily able to locate and use content when they needed it. 

Make content easy to find and share by organizing your digital content management tool with all the content sales needs at their fingertips.

Earn Trust

Since buyers like to read-up on a company or topic before they commit to buying anything, sales can make their task easier by sharing content that proves your company’s expertise. With a digital content management tool that recommends what information is timely for sales to share, it not only improves your team’s productivity, but also enhances the customer experience by predicting what they want to read more about.

Combine with Key Account Management

Effective account planning around key accounts is the best way to drive new business from existing customers. Virtual sales teams that layer on a digital content management tool can penetrate targeted accounts with content tailored to the exact needs of a company. Combining the power of key account management with digital content management is a pairing that will make sales dangerous to all of your competition. 

Interested in making your sales team dangerous? Let us help you!

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