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It’s not easy to focus on driving business while we’re all working virtually. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, from figuring out your new morning routine to keeping your sales team productive. 

As virtual sales teams learn to rely less on physical meetings and more on digital communication, keep in mind these five important ways to keep driving business while everyone’s working from home.

1. Regular Virtual Meetings Are a Must

This is a great time to build more rapport with existing customers and still get face time with them. But also many potential customers are more open to sales conversations while they have more availability. 

I think it’s fair to say that after weeks of working virtually, we’ve all had days where we just need more opportunities for social interaction. So as long as you have a solid value prop and a load of empathy ready to go, you’re bound to have more meaningful interactions during this time. Use these virtual conversations to get to know prospects and customers on a deeper level and establish trust. 

2. Grow Prospect and Customer Relationships From Afar

To layer onto the importance of virtual meetings, you’ll need a way to help you decide what relationships to cultivate while working virtually. That’s why relationship mapping tools are quickly finding their place among the essential apps in company tech stacks. 

Mapping out an organization’s hierarchy will enable sales to get a holistic visual of the relationships within an account. From there, sales can identify influencers so they can tailor actions and messages to turn them into champions. 

3. Drive Sales Engagement with Digital Content

Speaking of tailoring actions and messages, sharing the right digital content at the right time is a surefire way to get the attention of prospective customers. It’s crucial to stay top of mind right now because even though many companies have slashed or frozen their budgets you can still make progress with deals while working virtually.

Now is the time to organize and update your digital content management system. Or, migrate your content to 100% digital format once and for all. Make it easy for sales to share relevant, useful sales content to prospects and customers quickly. 

4. Remote Key Account Management

You have to admit, passing around spreadsheets and slide decks as a means of key account collaboration has always been a dangerous habit. And now that entire companies are working virtually, the situation has probably deteriorated even further. Information is siloed, not easily accessible, and worst of all it’s accident-prone

Make data sharing as easy as logging into Salesforce, where important account information already lives and breathes. The right key account management tool combined with your Salesforce org will eliminate hours of manual work and unite sales around shared goals while giving them more time back to focus on selling.

5. Be Understanding

Remember, the journey of working virtually has been different for everyone. Whether it’s due to working from home with children, a partner, animals, or in complete solitude – the people you communicate with have a lot going on. Be understanding when there are disruptions, if there is a lag in response, or if the conversation gets off track. Your kindness now is something the people you interact with will remember later.

Did You Know?

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