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Like an amusement park for business people who love technology, Dreamforce has everything you could imagine and more. And because of all that it offers, it’s become a pivotal event for anyone involved in Salesforce to attend.

Last year, Dreamforce had 170,000 registered attendees. That doesn’t include the teams of people who flock to every available restaurant and meeting space within (at least) a two-block radius of the Moscone Center. 

If you haven’t already registered for Dreamforce, better luck next year. However, even though full conference passes are sold out, you can still register if you have a code

As one of the lucky attendees, here are a few things you should tackle now to prep for Dreamforce so you can enjoy the ride later.

Dreamforce Accommodations

By now, hopefully, you’ve booked a hotel. But if you haven’t locked-in your Dreamforce accommodations, do so as soon as you finish reading this. Be prepared for steep prices the closer you look to the Moscone Center. Also keep in mind that staying in the immediate Dreamforce vicinity makes it difficult to leave – due to the higher traffic volume waiting for a ride can be nearly impossible. 

Set Your Dreamforce Schedule

Whether you are dedicating your time to attending sessions, completing Trailheads, or networking, having a plan of action will help you maximize your time at Dreamforce. 

Dreamforce Agenda Builder

If you have a pass, you’ll want to make time for at least a few sessions. Sign-up for the sessions you want to attend with the Salesforce Event app. This is a great app to keep year-round so you always know what Salesforce events are happening near you. 

With over 2,700 Dreamforce sessions and workshops available, it can take time to go through and choose what you want to attend. If you’re going with a group of coworkers, coordinate schedules with them. Some sessions you might want to divide and conquer, while certain workshops you may want to attend together so you can discuss your experience and ideas more thoroughly after Dreamforce.

Parties During Dreamforce

Most likely, you’ll be invited to a ton of parties, including Dreamfest which is part of your conference pass. Many parties have limited space, so be sure to register for the ones you want to attend. And, as a friendly reminder, make sure to pace yourself. 

Buy Dreamforce Essentials Now

Comfort is key. Sure, dress professionally, but leave your ties and heals at home. Opt for comfortable shoes since you’ll be doing a ton of walking between buildings. If you’re going to need a new pair, buy them now so you have plenty of time to break them in. 

Another set of items you need to bring is your charging cable and a fully charged power bank. Outlets are few and far between, or if you’re lucky enough to find one you’ll have to wait in line (as with everything else) for a chance to plug-in. With your own power bank, you can stay on the move and on-schedule for all of Dreamforce. Make sure you have a good one that can fully recharge your phone.

Need more Dreamforce info? Check out Salesforce’s FAQ page and follow us on Twitter for the best tips on how to survive DF19! 

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