10 Ways Video Games Help Account Planning

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June 16, 2020
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You’ve probably been wanting to master account planning, but have been daunted by the thought of it. Believe it or not, playing video games has prepared you for this moment. Yes, you read that right. Gaming makes you good at account planning.

Here are 10 reasons you’re about to level-up to Master Account Planner.

1. Team Player

Can you say multiplayer for the win? I bet you didn’t think all those hours of playing with your friends online would help your career. Whether you prefer single player or multiplayer games, you still interact with tons of different characters. This is an obvious win if you’re in sales, but it also contributes to your master account planning success as account planning heavily relies on team collaboration. Not to mention, companies are moving almost exclusively to working virtually.


2. Completionist Achievement Unlocked

Even if you rarely unlock this achievement, you undoubtedly get pretty close without going out of your way to finish every quest, find every weapon, and max out every skill. It’s much the same if want to master account planning, which requires setting and following tasks to help you unlock opportunities with key accounts.

3. Finding The Story

It’s ok to admit it, sometimes you play a game for the story. And I’m here to tell you that’s ok! In fact, it’s great because as a salesperson that means you know what it’s like to enter a story that’s not your own and bring focus to the hero – your client – to achieve their goal. Account planning is just doing the prep you need in order to draw prospective customers in.  

4. Modern Day Explorer

Have you ever gotten lost for hours in a game just running around and exploring the world? It’s not quite as exciting, but doing this has definitely prepared you for researching, which is an important step if you want to master account planning. The more information you gather about an account, the better informed your decisions will be as you decide on next steps.


5. Ultimate Strategizer

Playing video games has turned you into a world-class problem solver. Much of being a successful salesperson is being able to adapt to challenges and help customers overcome theirs. It’s also the crux of, you guessed it, strategic account planning. In essence, in order to be strategic, you need to gather and access information about key accounts. But you already knew that, didn’t you.

That being said, even the best gamers sometimes need a tutorial. Master account planning in no time this guide. It’ll help you through whatever level of the key account planning and management process you’ve been stuck on – from beginner to expert.


6. Tech Wizard

Being a gamer requires that you keep up with technology and are comfortable using it. In fact, because you’re always looking for something different, you crave innovation. Modern companies are implementing account planning tools to help sales crush their quota, so you’ll be a high scorer in no time.


7. Decision-Maker

You’re a person of action, clearly. You’ve learned how to process information quickly and efficiently knowing that the choice you make means the difference between success and failure. When you master account planning, not only are you able to more easily identify decision-makers within key accounts, but you are also better prepared to steer conversations toward a deal.


8. The Art of Multitasking

As a gamer, you’ve conquered the ability to do many things at once. Not only is this a great life skill, but it also gives you an edge when it comes to knocking out a slew of tasks for an account plan, or multiple account plans. Bonus: it enhances your productivity too.


9. The Boss Level

You’ve stood up to plenty of bosses to get to the next level of a game. As these bosses block you from progressing your game, blockers in a business deal can stop you from progressing. But you can’t handle a blocker by smashing the A button a thousand times. That’s where account planning comes in – more specifically relationship mapping, which helps you track key stakeholders to understand who has influence and who can be an ally.

10. Competitive By Nature

Imagine it’s midnight and you’re gaming. You know you should be in bed because you have work tomorrow, but you just can’t put the controller down until you get past this level. The same goes for selling – you won’t quit until you win. Rather than stocking up on potions to boost your stamina and hit damage, in real life you just need to spend some time account planning to get the advantage.

But you’ve also lost your fair share of battles, which means as a salesperson you can fail like a champ. Just because you spend the time to create an account plan and follow the motions does not mean you are guaranteed success. Gamers are resilient, so you know when it’s time to reload and try again or move on to another mission.

And that’s how playing video games helps you master account planning!

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Posted On
June 16, 2020
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